Angry at Down Syndrome Baby, Mom Sues Hospital for ‘Wrongful Birth’

The mother (right) is mad that her baby (left) was born.

Edyta Mordel is so angry at her Down Syndrome baby, she’s suing the hospital for ‘wrongful birth.’ Mordel claims the hospital failed to test for Down Syndrome, and had she been aware of her infant’s health condition, she would have murdered her child while in the womb. The child is now four-years-old and unfortunately is still in the custody of its mother.

Mordel is suing the hospital for the equivalent of $250,000 dollars, which she claims is necessary to help raise the special needs child, who she would rather had just been aborted.

The Mirror reported the words of Mordel’s attorney, who made the claims.

Clodagh Bradley, her attorney, told the High Court in London, “Miss Mordel would have been offered an abortion and she and her partner, Aleksander’s father Lukasz Cieciura, agreed they would have terminated the pregnancy.”

Mordel, who is from Poland, was told that everything was fine with her pregnancy (which was true) at the 12-week mark. She claims that the hospital neglected to test for the disorder.

According to the hospital, Mordel’s medical records show that she declined the Down Syndrome screening, which is not uncommon when mothers are informed that the test has a two-percent failure rate. Many moms, when told the test could cause miscarriage, decline the test. It is assumed that this is why Mordel declined it at the time.

So far in Great Britain, millions of dollars have been given to parents in similar ‘wrongful birth’ cases.