Bethel Church Weirdos Still “Grave Sucking”

A video has been making its way around social media of yet another person affiliated with Bethel Church in Redding, California “grave-sucking.” The practice includes a charismatic Christian laying upon the grave of a deceased preacher and “sucking the anointing” out of their corpse. Although Bethel denies any association with such practices, those closest to them continue to engage in what many are calling “necromancy.”

The video below of is Jeff Jansen, the founder of Global Fire Ministries International, who is attempting to suck the spirit of William Branham, a notorioius false prophet with deep ontological and Christological heresies.

Marsha West at Christian Research Network already wrote about this several months ago (and posted an article from Churchwatch Central), but it slipped by us at the time.

As Churchwatch reports…

Recently a post demonstrating ‘grave-sucking’ was put up on Facebook by Jeff Jansen and we are aware that Apostle Bill Johnson has worked alongside the apostolic ministry of Jeff Jansen for over a decade. 

Churchwatch points out that Jansen and Bethel pastor, Bill Johnson, have spoken together at various events and were featured together on the New Apostolic Reformation website, Elijah List.

And, lest any critics presume that Jansen was merely stretching his back unceremoniously on a tombstone, he uploaded the video to his own Facebook with the words, “WILLIAM BRANHAM IMPARTATION at his resting place in Jefferson Indiana – SUPERNATURAL.”

Bill Johnson denied anyone associated with Bethel was engaged in grave-sucking while doing damage control on Michael Brown’s radio program. As usual when charismatics are caught doing something occultic, Michael Brown helped play defense. Just as when Bethel was caught teaching youth leaders how to turn UNO into a type of Tarot cards just last week, they are continuing to take part in bizarre, devilish practices.

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