Satanist Vegetarians Want to Change Our DNA to Keep Us From Getting Saved, Says Charismatic Leader

Okay, so how’s this for a conspiracy theory? Charismatic Prophet, Rick Wiles, claims that genetically modified foods and meat-alternatives are an attempt by government conspiracists to change our human DNA and thereby keep us from being born-again.

As gross as “meat alternatives” seem to be to someone from beef country, how tofu is a Satanic plot to change DNA or how changed DNA makes us regeneration-proof escapes me.

And yet, Wiles claimed in a recent video on “TruNews,” that this is the case.

Wiles says, “God is an environmentalist. He takes it seriously. He created this planet. He created the universe. And he’s watching these Luciferians destroy his planet, destroy the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, change human DNA. Why? They want to change human DNA so you can’t be born again. That’s where they’re going with this; to change the DNA of humans so it will be impossible for a human to be born again. They want to create a race of soulless creatures on this planet.”

You can watch the video below.

Insane, right? This is mainstream charismaticism. You should see the crazy stuff.

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