John Calvin on Harshness and Severity to ‘Wolves’

In his commentary on Matthew 23, Calvin points out that we must thunderously and explicitly oppose the Papists. However, this paragraph must rightly bring us both to tears and resolve to not grow weary in polemics. We must be bold men.

Despite that men attack our zealousness and hate us for our boldness, we must not quiver in the face of opposition. Though they hate us all the more, we must, like Calvin said, “Drive them away with a loud voice.

Read, and be blessed.

Calvin writes:

Hence we may infer how cruel is the mildness of those who dislike our vehemence. They are displeased to see harshness and severity used towards the wolves, which are constantly, with open mouth, tearing and devouring the sheep; and yet they see the poor sheep deceived by a vain disguise, freely throwing themselves into the jaws of the wolves, unless the pastor who desires to save them, and endeavors to rescue them from destruction, drive them away with a loud voice.

We must therefore follow out the design of Christ, by copying out his example in severe threatenings against wicked despisers, and in boldly exclaiming against them, that those who are capable of being cured may be led by the fear of destruction to withdraw from them. For though we gain nothing by addressing the enemies of the truth, yet they must be summoned to the judgment-seat of God, and others must be warned, that they may know that the same destruction awaits themselves, if they do not speedily withdraw from a wicked league with them.

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