Teen Hangs Himself From Pulpit Inside Presbyterian Church

Dennis Ngugi, in a photo held up by his grandmother

Dennis Ngugi, 18, hanged himself inside Mothaiti Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA). It was not immediately clear why he took his life. However, relatives claimed he had been threatening to commit suicide. His body was found dangling from a rope tied to the roof of the pulpit by the faithful who had arrived for prayers before the Sunday service.

“We were shocked to find a body dangling at the pulpit,” said Beatrice Wanjiku, a member of the church. Ms Wanjiku said on the fateful day the church had planned to baptize several members, including Ngugi, who had successfully undergone baptismal classes. Members were unable to conduct prayers in the church, which was treated as a scene of the crime. Family members said the form two student at Mothaiti Mixed Secondary School went missing on Saturday.

His grandmother Jacinta Wanjiku, said Ngugi left home at around 4 pm. He never returned. She said he told them he was going to church, but she did not imagine he was going to kill himself. In the morning she went looking for Ngugi to milk cows as they prepared to go to church, where the family was to witness him get baptized, but he was nowhere to be seen. Wanjiku said they heard screams from the church, about one kilometer from her home. “They said they had found a body dangling from the roof of the church, but we did not imagine it would be Ngugi’s,” she said.

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[Editor’s Note: This curated news was written by Mercy Kahenda and published at Standard Digital]