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Texas Governor Signs Law Banning Cities and Counties From Conducting Business With Abortion Providers

Texas Governor Abbott signed legislation on Friday prohibiting cities and counties from doing business with abortion providers. The bill prohibits cities and counties from entering into lease agreements and reducing taxes for companies like Planned Parenthood. The bill does not impact doctor’s offices or hospitals that perform less than 50 abortions a year.

The bill, which takes effect September 1st, prevents cities and counties from “advocacy or lobbying on behalf of the interests of an abortion provider or affiliate.”

This bill, signed on Friday, is considered to be one of Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s top legislative priorities for the year. The Senate voted 20-11 after changes were made to the bill. One of the changes explicitly states that the legislation “may not be construed to restrict a municipality or county from prohibiting abortion.”

A Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas spokesperson told CBS News, “We have heard from patient after patient who has relied on this particular location. This has always been a safe location they’ve been able to rely on to get the healthcare they know that they need to stay healthy. We will use every capacity we have to protect the patients and the people that depend on us.”