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Texas Congressman Says Women That Have Abortions Should “Absolutely” Be Jailed, Then Backtracks

In a video released by an abortion access advocacy group, Rep. Ron Wright (R-Texas), responds to a question on jail punishment for women that have abortions. Wright responded with, “Of course, because they just killed a baby.”

When the interviewer responded with a question about possible imprisonment for women that have committed abortions Wright responded saying, “As far as I’m concerned, they committed murder.”

Wright, elected in 2018, has a long history of opposing abortion. In 2015, when Wright was a tax assessor for Texas’ Tarrant County, he discouraged county employees from making donations to United Way, a nonprofit organization, for its supposed ties to Planned Parenthood.

Wright said, “Hitler made the trains run on time … The good that’s being done doesn’t compensate for the evil that’s being done by Planned Parenthood.”

However, instead of standing by his original statement, Wright backtracked on Thursday afternoon.

“My heart goes out to women who have had abortions. My heart breaks for those who suffer from the latent effects they experience. I pray for them. Nothing can mask the fact that abortion is the taking of an innocent life. But my remarks were directed to those who perform abortions,” Wright said.

Wright further added, “Those who perform the abortions should be held responsible. I will not cower from pro-abortion radicals who push an agenda of death.”