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Hollywood Mouthpieces Speak Out on Abortion Bans

With Pro-life laws being passed around the country, abortion is a forefront topic in the media and culture. Entertainment and Politics mix once again with these ten, prominent Hollywood entertainers giving fear mongering, shallow-hearted, futile and at best misinformed statements on the “necessity” of abortion.

Reese Witherspoon, actress in movies such as “Legally Blonde,” spoke out on twitter saying:

I’m beyond upset about the passing of abortion bans in Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Georgia, and Ohio. This is Unconstitutional and Abhorrent. We can not tolerate this attack on women’s fundamental rights.

This tweet was met with criticism from pro-lifers including, Allie Stuckey, Ben Shapiro, and Jeremy Boreing. Witherspoon also claimed to be donating to organizations such as ACLU and PPact.

Sophie Turner, an actress in “Game of Thrones,” an adult television show, has joined the list of celebrities boycotting Georgia over the recent abortion ban. The ironic hypocrisy is blaring in these A-listers that boycott pro-life states. In Ireland, where ‘Game of Thrones’ is filmed, abortion is illegal.

Singer-songwriter, Pink, posted an image captioned, “NO ABORTION BANS. NOT NOW, NOT EVER.” Pink commented on posts saying things alluding to the ‘Real life Handmaidens tale.” Pink, an animal rights activist, cares less about human life and more about an animal’s.

Candidate for New York governor and S*x in the City Actress, Cynthia Nixon, spoke about her mother getting an illegal abortion and her “wife” getting an abortion. Nixon also responded to a Planned Parenthood tweet saying:

We can’t let this happen to our country. We stand in solidarity with the women and girls of Missouri who have the right to control their own bodies.

Rhianna, seventh best-selling artist world-wide, posted an image of 25 men who voted in favor of the bill with the caption: “take a look. these are the idiots making decisions for WOMEN in America.
Governor Kay Ivey…SHAME ON YOU

Courtney Cox, actress on the hit show “Friends,” posted a screenshot of an article on the Alabama abortion ban with the caption:

“I love Alabama and I am proud to call it my home. But today I am appalled and scared. We CANNOT go backwards! Please help fight this ban by donating to @yellowfund!”

Kylie Jenner, daughter of a man suffering from transgenderism and sister to two who have posted online sex videos, posted an image of the 25 men that voted on the bill with the caption “makes me sick.”

Emma Watson, actress and known SJW, posted a photo with a five paragraph caption about laws and accessibility, linking “charities” for her followers to donate to in the last paragraph.

Miley Cyrus, vulgar as always, posted an obscene photo of herself with a caption containing too many expletives for it to be worth including. Along with her filthy images and captions, Cyrus has recently come out with more pro-choice propaganda, collaborating with Planned Parenthood, and a picture of herself licking a cake with “Abortion Is Healthcare” written in icing.

Liam Payne, ex-member of the boy band “One Direction,” singer-songwriter and producer, posted an instagram photo of the 25 men with a lengthy caption. Parts of the caption read:

This whole abortion law thing in America is a mess I mean your completely taking away the rights of women and the ownership of the bodies that belong to them…us as men never have to go through [pregnancy] that so how can we even comment or decide what women should or shouldn’t go through… Abortion up to a certain point should always be legal it’s only right that woman are given that choice to make for themselves.

Along with these ten, many, many more A-list and “woke” celebrities and models have come out with statements on abortion laws such as, Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, Lady Gaga, Ellen DeGeneres, Hilary Duff, Ariana Grande, and Cara Delevigne.

These vulgar, misinformed statements coming from musicians, singers, actresses, and models should not be surprising to us, Hollywood has always supported lawlessness, and the predatory, vile abortion industry.