“Evangelical Dark Web” and More: Catching Up on Polemics Terms…

I used to have more time and would more frequently add polemics terms to the lexicon over at Polemics Report before it merged with the Rolex of Polemics Blogs, Pulpit & Pen. But, here’s a quick list of polemics terms I’ve been meaning to get around to defining….

SJW – (Social Justice Warrior); Although this term has a separate secular definition, when it is applied to evangelicalism, it refers to one who adds to the Gospel of Jesus general do-goodism. SJWs suffer from “mission drift” away from Gospel proclamation and generally steer leftward politically.

Woke – The term, when used in evangelical parlance, refers to religious people who have confused political correctness with actual Christianity. They’re almost universally political leftists.

Contras – (Social Justice Contras); These are a group of men fiercely committed to defending the Gospel. They are not against good deeds, but they are against adding works to the Good News. They generally steer rightward politically.

Evangelical Dark Web – This term is catching on. A mysterious Twitter account recently started by this name and there’s a stirring out there that this may become “a thing” similar to the Intellectual Dark Web. The Evangelical/Theological Dark Web seems to refer to those outside the traditional power-structures of evangelicalism, typically younger men who have far-reaching blogs, podcasts, and social media. These are the men it’s cool to publicly hate, but everybody privately listens to.

Twitter Orgy – This term has been used in recent days to describe the behavior between SJWs on social media. It is a virtual “love fest” of slathering, blathering praise and peer-worship among the ‘woke’ crowd.

Assimilationists – This is a term that black racists use to describe other black people who have conservative views or don’t let their skin color determine their doctrinal positions.

RACIST! – A RACIST! is someone who is winning an argument with a liberal. You must include the exclamation point and all-caps to denote that you’re using the term sarcastically.

SSA – (Same-Sex Attracted); someone who commits the sin of desiring sodomy, even though they may not commit the sin of engaging in sodomy.

Sexual Minorities – This is how those who engage in Critical Race Theory and Identity Politics refer to sexual perverts.

Racial Twaumma Counsewew – This is slang jargon quickly picking up steam in social media. It’s a reference to Kyle J. Howard’s unique pronunciation of the term, which he says is a “trans-cultural accent.” A Racial Twamma Counsewew is a fake job title of people who specialize in Marxist victimology. It’s like calling yourself a snipe hunter.

Complementarianism – This isn’t a new term, but it could use defining. Stemming from the 1987 Danvers Statement on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, the term means that men and women are equal but have complementary roles. It holds that men should be leading the home and the church (and that preaching is a leadership role).

Egalitarianism – This term also isn’t new, but could use defining. It’s the idea that because men and women are equal, men and women are the same, and their roles in the home and church are identical or interchangeable.

Broad Complementarianism – It means, “Egalitarian, but I’m afraid to call it that.”

Narrow Complementarianism – It means, “real complementarianism,” and used by those who are egalitarian but are afraid to say so.

Misogynist – What ‘woke’ evangelicalism calls complementarians.

Social Justice – A) The way SJWs use it, in which they mean, “Doing good stuff.” (B) The actual and real meaning is the definition given it by Jesuit priests in South America in the 20th Century, referring to the theology created by them to undergird Marxist political and economic theories.

Latte Mafia – Young men produced as though they were clones by woke seminaries who stand around drinking lattes, judgmentally at those of us who do real ministry. The term was actually coined by Tommy Littleton.

Ron Burns – That’s the real name of “Thabiti Anyabwile.” Anyabwile chose a name to identify with the Black Nationalist Movement, which he retained even after he supposedly became a Christian. He was born as “Ron Burns.”

“Pro-Life” – You must use the scare quotes to denote this specific usage of the term. By “pro-life,” woke SJWs like Russell Moore mean anything that fits their political agenda, including amnesty for illegal aliens, socialized medicine, penal reform, and “creation care” environmentalism. Seldom do these men care about actual abortion.

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