Short of Asking God to Rid the Planet of Straight, White Men, Minister Prays to Reject Fossil Fuels Used by Them

Broadway Baptist Church Missional Engagement Pastor, Dan Freemyer

Baylor University graduates who bowed their heads at their spring commencement ceremony heard a prayer denouncing fossil fuels and a world with too many white, straight men in positions in power.

The commencement prayer by church minister Dan Freemyer — himself a straight, white man — drew cheers from graduating students but has predictably been criticized for its politically-charged nature.

“This is appalling,” American Conservative writer Rod Dreher responded in an online commentary. “Whoever would have imagined that ‘straight white men’ would be denounced in prayer at a Baylor University graduation ceremony?”  

Baylor, a private Christian university located in Fort Worth, is known as the largest Baptist university in the world with approximately 17,200 students on its 1,000-acre campus.

Freemyer, a Baylor graduate, is currently missional engagement pastor at Broadway Baptist Church, a “progressive” church also located in Forth Worth that describes itself as a “diverse community of faith” that welcomes different backgrounds and beliefs.

In his two-minute prayer for the graduates, Freemyer asks God to give them the “moral imagination” to reject fossil fuels that are “poisoning” the planet — a planet, he continued, with “too many straight, white men like me behind the steering wheel, while others are expected to sit quietly at the back of the bus.”

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[Editor’s Note: This article was written by Bob Kellogg and originally published at OneNewsNow. Title changed by P&P.]

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