Church to ‘Screen’ Gay Arthur Cartoon Because Local Television Refuses to Air It

Tax-payer funded PBS decided to indoctrinate kids with sodomy propaganda by queering a character on a beloved child’s cartoon show named Arthur. Under pressure from conservatives, or perhaps just to do the right thing, Alabama Public Television refused to air the episode. In response, an Alabama church will be hosting a ‘screening’ of the episode in order to show its support to the LGBTQYZLMNOP “community.”

That’s right. A church…will hold a screening…of a cartoon show…in order to support homosexuality.

It’s not satire. It’s 2019.

Birmingham First United Methodist Church will serve wedding cake and sparkling apple cider while airing the Arthur episode, Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone, and has invited the community to bring their kids to celebrate the marriage of the cartoon gay couple.

The church’s ‘pastor,’ Stephanie Arnold, encouraged United Methodists to keep struggling for “full inclusion,” saying “we want to extend God’s love and grace for all people.”

Arnold has been vocal in her criticism of African leaders in her denomination, the United Methodist Church, who are largely responsible for the recent reinforcement of anti-LGBT policies that are generally opposed in the United States among more liberal clergy members.