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JD Hall wrote The Benedict Arnold Option: Why Christians Must Not Retreat from the Culture Wars about two years ago, and it has since proven to be prophetic. A response to Rod Dreher’s Benedict Option, in which he encouraged Christians to retreat from the public Marketplace of Ideas, JD explained that a bigger battle was coming, and those telling us to retreat were actually the ones advancing a liberal and leftist agenda.

Little did people know when this book was published in 2017, how pertinent and valuable a resource it would become to withstand the Social Justice wars of 2019. JD was ahead of his time (per usual).

Published by Crown and Cross Books, this books takes to task those who have demanded that we compromise on important theological issues in order to “survive” the coming onslaught. JD’s command is clear…don’t survive. Instead, fight.

Endorsement from Mike Gendron

Excerpt: “In each religion and in each subculture, there will be those who intend to fight to win or die trying. I would submit to you, those are the men who win. Then there are others, who plan to retreat and survive, and the dustbin of history is filled with their ashes.”

Sharpen your sword, gentlemen.

We’re going to die, anyway. We might as well be men about it.”

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JD is coming out with a new book, Ungodly Mess: How Marxism Stole Christianity in America, being published this summer. Get a free signed copy by supporting that book here.

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