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Trend-Setting of the LGBTQ in Media

Drag Queen known as Vanessa Vanjie of Ru Paul’s notorious “Drag Race”

Anyone who knows me personally knows I am not a trend-setter by any stretch of the imagination. A close look in my clothes closet is evident of that fact. However, I do pay close attention to groups who are in the business of setting trends.

Trend-setters are those who work tirelessly to make a change in direction away from current prevailing cultural preferences as in the areas of fashion, topics or ideas by introducing, establishing, and popularizing new trends.

Film, print, and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are proving to be most useful when an individual or group seeks to generate a lot of attention and drastically change the mindset of individuals in facilitating a “new” and “welcomed” trend.

In an earlier article at Pulpit and Pen entitled There is an Adult-Induced Perversion of Children Sweeping the Land, “Drag Kids” ,we examined the use of film to perpetuate the corrupt notion that drag is a welcomed self-expression for children.

One way is the use of documentary films to show-case the lives of Drag Kids as an “incredible” way for children to express themselves.

Well…the LGBTQ, along with their nefarious cohorts, are at it again, this time using Twitter to continue in their effort to set the “Drag” trend by visually imbedding it into the mind of a child a new, fun, and exciting form of identification between the love of their mother and love of cookies.

Children, Mothers, and the Cookie Monster

On this past Mother’s Day, Chips Ahoy! tweeted the following:

Featured on Ru Paul’s “Drag Race,” Jose Cancel, otherwise known professionally as the drag queen, Vanessa Vanjie was the perfect advertiser for cookies marketed for children as pointed out by Alex Bollinger, writer for LGBTQ Nation:

Miss Vanjie recorded a Mother’s Day message for Chips Ahoy! because she’s the perfect person to do it: “Get those cookies” is one of her catchphrases, her voice has been compared to Cookie Monster’s, and her drag mother, Alexis Mateo, is pretty well-known herself.

Let’s be real here – Drag Queen Vanessa Vanjie is not Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster, oh no, instead he is (the man under the woman’s clothing and make-up) actually a child’s worst nightmare, a monster dressed with the intent to decimate the soul of a child by perpetrating a lie.

The lie that a drag queen can be your momma:

She urged viewers to buy cookies for “your real mama, your drag mama, whichever mama, somebody, whoever taking care of you, whoever you feel or consider your mama.”

And including:

“Chewy, the original, everything under the sun,” Vanjie says the clip. “So get those cookies.”

[Emphasis mine]

Although Chips Ahoy! attempted to squelch the stream of negative responses to their obscene and nocuous advertising:

There were some who made known their opinions (to which the online news site LGBTQ Nation called “hateful”):

And even one who pointed out the obvious that Drag Queens cannot be mommas:

In the coming days, weeks, and months it can be expected that more product manufacturers will re-brand their products and re-make the identity of American children away from how the Creator has made them.