WATCH: CNN Pundit, “When a Woman Gets Pregnant, That is Not a Human Being.”

Christine Quinn, a Democratic politician and failed New York mayoral candidate, recently said on CNN that “When a woman gets pregnant, that is not a human being.”

So…here’s the thing. Science.

Rick Santorum, a former Senator from Pennsylvania and multiple-time former Republican presidential candidate, pressed Quinn and CNN host, Andrew Cuomo, on the morality of abortion. Or, should we say, Santorum pressed them on the biology of a human beings.

Far from Republicans and the religious right being against science, it seems it was the Democrats on the panel who would have flunked fifth-grade biology class.

Santorum pressed them, “You realize a baby dies in an abortion? Do you realize that? Are you ignoring that fact?”

Cuomo: It’s not a legal fact.

Quinn [repeating Quomo] It’s not a legal fact.

Full stop. There’s no such thing as a “legal fact.” Laws don’t determine factuality. There are, however, “legally-recognized facts.” For example, the humanity of Jews was not a legally-recognized fact in Nazi Germany. But their humanity was still a fact.

To continue…

Santorum: Do you disagree that at the moment of conception that’s a child who is human and alive?

Cuomo: That’s it’s viability. It’s a viable human being.

Full stop. I think he meant unviable. Dummy.

Cuomo: It’s not recongized under the law as a person under the law.

Full stop. Yeah. That’s why we’re talking about changing the law.

Santorum: Answer my question. Is it biologically a human life?

Quinn: [Emphatically] No!

Cuomo: You know what my answer is.

Santorum: I do! It’s in every biological textbook in the world. At conception, that is a human life.

Quinn: No, it is not. That is not the medical…

Santorum: It’s science…

More blathering, then…

Quinn: When a woman gets pregnant, that is not a human being inside of her. It’s a part of her body. And this is about a woman having full agency and control over her body and making decisions over her body and what is a part of her body with medical professionals.

Watch the video below.