Was Jerry Falwell, Jr. Pressured to Endorse Trump by Cohen Over His “Racy Photos” Fix?

Trump’s “fixer” attorney claims in an audio recording that he helped Jerry Falwell, Jr. to handle a controversy involving “personal photos” that should remain between husband and wife. Mere days later, Falwell surprised his friends and allies by endorsing Donald Trump for the presidency.

Jerry Falwell Jr. is the president of Liberty University, and he has been a stalwart defender of President Donald J. Trump. Falwell made waves in the 2016 presidential primary when he vouched for Trump’s faith and morality, all amidst posing by a photo of his Playboy cover.

The world noticed.

It’s one thing to defend Donald Trump because presidential politics is a binary choice between voting for a demonstrably immoral man with righteous policy decisions verses demonstrably immoral men (or women) with wickedly unrighteous policy decisions.

In other words, in a choice between Donald Trump and [take-your-pick] Democratic politician whose platform is basically a list of things God hates, it’s a no-brainer. But Falwell vouched for Trump’s morality. It seems that Falwell – according to Trump “fixer” and turn-coat attorney, Michael Cohen – has used the same tactics as Trump to cover up a closet seediness.

It’s here that news consumers should take note of several factors.

First, Michael Cohen is a colossal scumbag. Take that into consideration. Secondly, Michael Cohen has been known to lie (both for the money and to save his hide). Third, there is ambiguity around the term, “racy” or “personal.” These photos might very well have been within the confines of the marital bond, and if so, should serve as no scandal.

According to the recorded conversation reviewed by Reuters, Cohen claims that Falwell came to him just prior to the time he endorsed Trump for president, asking him to intervene with an individual who had “personal photos,” the kind he said should remain between husband and wife. Cohen takes credit for his intervention, which led to the person who had the photographs to destroy them under pressure.

Cohen said he had, “a bunch of photographs, personal photographs…I actually have one of the photos. It’s terrible.”

There’s no indication the photos involved anyone other than Mr. and/or Mrs. Falwell.

However, Cohen seems to have been instrumental in convincing Falwell to endorse Donald Trump. Media outlets are already speculating that the ruthless Trump fixer ‘encouraged’ Falwell to endorse the presidential candidate, holding over Falwell’s head his knowledge (and possession) of the personal photo(s), although they acknowledge having no evidence of blackmail.

Falwell’s sudden endorsement of Trump was surprising to many, if not most, of Liberty University supporters and those close to Falwell, which gives steam to the conspiracy theory.

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