Gay Priest Says He’s More Concerned About People Reading Pulpit & Pen Than Watching Adult Entertainment

A gay priest has recently said in social media that he would prefer people watch a show on HBO whose director, David Benioff, says “is beyond Rated R,” than read this Christian news site.

Sam Allberry still desires to sodomize men and be sodomized by men in spite of being celibate. The Holy Spirit does not seem to be at work in him, as he has a yet unrenewed nature that still fits the characteristics of those who will not inherit the Kingdom of God (1 Corinthians 6:9-10). Likewise, he is teaching subversive doctrines on human sexuality that have discouraged repentance from Same-Sex Attraction (which is a sin, regardless of whether or not it’s acted upon) rather than encouraged it. For one reason or another, this gay priest has become an editor at The Gospel Coalition and is promoted among evangelical leftists as an expert on sexuality and the family.

Allberry and his website ministry, Living Out, have promoted celibate gay couples living together, physical and intimate (but non-sexual) relationships between gay couples, the adoption of children by celibate gay men, a redefinition of the family, and that there are “elements of beauty” in the same-sex relationship (see Tom Buck’s articles, linked above). Mostly, Allberry has been responsible for the paradigm shift in evangelical thought, leading many to believe that gay attraction is only sinful if physical sodomy is involved, and that sanctification doesn’t lead one to heterosexuality.

He made the following comment on Twitter:

Beth Moore, who we have criticized for years, agreed with him.

Entire websites are devoted to tracking the nudity in each Game of Thrones episode, and counting the nude scenes of various characters (nudity is so plentiful it’s just that hard to track). Game of Thrones is largely recognized as the most depraved show on cable television in regards to nudity, sexual situations, violence, and perversion.

The HBO show has portrayed in vivid detail incest, rape (and incest/rape among twin siblings), murder, violence, and very, very explicit sexual situations, some of which are sex scenes that include corpses as a backdrop. Up and until the beginning of the last season of Game of Thrones, there were 79 different nude scenes in the series.

Allberry (and apparently Beth Moore) think this Christian news website is worse than Game of Thrones. Apparently, they consider the information found here to be…dangerous and unChristian. We are guilty of “gratuitous sin” that even surpasses that of Game of Thrones.

No commentary needs to be provided. Beth Moore and evangelicalism’s gay BFF are on the same side as Game of Thrones and HBO, and Pulpit & Pen is on the other.

We’ll take it…

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