Heretic Women to Host ‘The View’ Knock-Off on TBN

Victoria Olsteen (left) joins Laurie Crouch (center) and Christine Caine (right) on “Better Together”

What’s worse than a gaggle of Chatty Cathy pecking hens cackling out their ill-informed opinions and old wives’ fables? Add heresy on top of it, and you have a new show on the Trinity Broadcasting Network that is fashioned after The View, expect this program has an altogether different monstrous regiment of women.

Better Together is an estrogen-filled and heresy cocktail, serving as the first show produced exclusively by and for women on TBN. The program premiers today and is hosted by Laurie Crouch, the wife of TBN owner-operator, Matt Crouch. The show promises to “honest, engaging conversation about all sorts of issues—with no topic off limits!”

TBN advertises, “Each week on Better Together, Laurie Crouch will welcome an exciting group of friends and co-hosts such as Christine Caine, Lisa Harper, Holly Wagner, DeeDee Freeman, Hosanna Wong and other ministry leaders. With wisdom, faith and humor, these true friends will unpack topics that are important to women from all walks of life.”

Christine Caine is the Hillsong prophetess who claims to hear directly from God, doesn’t understand her place or role in ministry as a woman, and who regularly pals around with the herd of Bashan, including Beth Moore and Joyce Meyer. The other women listed are also feminist preachers who reject biblical gender roles and who practice charismaticism, the belief that God is speaking through random religious carnival barkers as though they were prophets.