The Pen

With Social Justice Warriors in Room, Phil Johnson Rebukes Discernment. Is He Right?

With the very worst promoters of Social Justice in Reformed Evangelicalism set before him, Phil Johnson chose to use his time in this ShepCon talk to rebuke discernment ministries in abstentia.

It seems odd, for sure.

Nonetheless, listen to Phil’s words. Is he right? Does he rightfully apply the Scripture here? Is the warning or rebuke necessary? Is he correctly handling the Text?

Or is he just upset that the reason for his defense in inviting the Social Justice Warriors to take the stage at ShepCon (that fruitful discussions could be had between the two parties) backfired so dramatically and (frankly) we were proven right?

Or might it be a little bit of both? Could he be both resentful and right at the same time?

Let us cautiously and seriously consider Phil’s words for a time, in prayer and study, with both a mind and a Bible that are open.

Oddly enough, Phil will find discernment ministries more open to fruitful discussion with him than the Social Justice Warriors on the front row at ShepCon.