Catholic Diocese Threatens to Sue Over Photo Release of Gay Priests Snuggling, Kissing

A Romanist discernment site publicized photographs of two Catholic priests engaged in amorous embrace, nuzzling and kissing. In response to releasing the photographs of the (clearly gay) priests, the overseeing bishop threatened to sue the website for their reporting and issued a cease-and-desist letter. The website, Church Militant, is standing by their reporting.

The priests locked in romantic embrace, Father Dulibber G. Gonzalez and Fr. Marcin Bradtke have known each other since before their ordinations, with Gonzalez ordination in May of 2018, and Fr. Bradtke’s ordination in May of 2016. The two serve together in the diocese of Paterson, New Jersey.

Screen shot of email sent to Church Militant from Catholics concerned aboutFr. Gonzalez and Bradtke’s relationship. The photos had previously been sent to Bp. Serratelli in November 2018, with no response.

The romantic photos were reportedly taken at Bradtke’s parish in May of last year, which was right after Gonzalez’s ordination. The romantic embrace seems to be in celebration of his ordination.

Once the homosexual relationship between the two priests became know, ‘Father’ Gonzales was transferred to a different parish.

The diocese will not provide comment on the gay priests, but the two remain in service to the Romanist church.

[HT Lifesite News, Church Militant…this HT is not an endorsement of the theology of either]

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