Delusion: Mom Has ‘(Trans)gender Reveal’ Party for 20 Year-Old Daughter

Ironically, there’s not a (heterosexual) real boy in the world who would want to take this photoshoot with their mother. It was a very ‘girl’ thing to do.

One mother just hosted a “gender reveal” party for her daughter, who after 20 years decided that she was a boy.

It’s become common for expectant mothers to host “Gender Reveal” parties for their unborn babies. With color-themed balloons or cakes in traditional blues or pinks, proud mothers reveal the sex of their babies to their applauding friends. While the 21st Century festivity is an odd (and arguably narcissistic) novelty, it is not unheard of. After all, people need to know what kind of gender-appropriate clothing, toys, or decorations to get the child and their upcoming baby shower.

These parents, of course, are assuming their ostensibly cis-gendered children are okay with identifying by their God-given sex. After all, by today’s logic, maybe that baby girl with ovaries and female genitalia is somehow – on the inside, but not still not on the molecular level – a baby boy because they want to be a baby boy.

For more open-minded parents less inclined to force gender upon their children, they should wait until the children can determine their own gender by their subjective feelings or dictated by their mental illnesses.

Heather Lundberg Green posted photos on Facebook with blue balloons as part of a gender reveal announcement for her daughter, who pretends she is a boy. Her daughter is 20 years old.

Green told a local news outlet, “Everybody has reached out just saying thank you for this because it means we can celebrate this. My kid is a boy. When a parent says ‘I’m having a boy,’ you go, ‘Yay, congratulations!’ That should be true even if they’re 20 in this case.”

Green’s daughter, who has the surname Brown, explained that by virtue of Facebook ‘likes,’ her gender is now sufficiently reinforced as male. She also begs people to use her preferred pronouns.

“Since this post has gotten so much positive feedback, I’ve felt like I can stand up for myself and say this is who I am”

Of course, a boy is exactly the opposite of who she is.

She continued, “If you don’t like it that’s fine, but you need to respect how I feel and how I want to live my life, and just use the right name and the right pronouns and stop being mean for the sake of being mean.”

In reality, the most loving thing someone could do is not reinforce the gender dysphoria of the mentally ill. A study in 2018 by the American Academy of Pediatrics demonstrated that so-called “transgender” adolescents have a much higher rate of suicidal behavior than the general population, especially those transitioning from female to male.