Jackie Hill Perry to Lead Worship at Oneness Cult

Jackie Hill Perry is the popular Christian “spoken word” artist who is best known for her large gay fanbase (although she is “ex-gay,” Perry is incredibly popular among LGBT and trans-advocates for her message that “de-sins” same-sex attraction). Perry will soon perform at a Oneness Pentecostal church that denies the Holy Trinity.

In an age when Cultural Marxism has masqueraded as a Biblical ethos, the identity politics of Intersectionality sometimes makes churches scrape the bottom of the barrel to find someone with the right skin tone and victim-identity to promote. Caring too much about minority status (which is to care about it at all) often amounts to scraping the bottom of the barrel rather than sifting the cream from the top. Such is the case with Jackie Hill Perry, who is an Intersectionality threat trifecta as a formerly gay (victim) woman (victim) who is black (victim).

The quotation at the top of this article is a screenshot from the website of CrossPoint Church in Saint Louis. Crosspoint Church is a Oneness Pentecostal church that denies the Holy Trinity and is pastored by Phillips, Craig, and Dean celebrity singer, Shawn Craig.

That Shawn Craig denies the Trinity is not unknown, but renown. Although Pulpit & Pen has written about the Modalism/Sabellianism/Monarchianism (the heresy has many names) of Phillips, Craig, and Dean before, it’s sufficient to cite James White pointing this out at Alpha and Omega Ministries here and here.

A screenshot of JHP advertised on the Oneness Pentecost website

Shawn Craig and CrossPoint Church believe that God is “revealed” or “manifested” in three ways (father, son, spirit), but does not believe in three separate and distinct persons of the Godhead. This is precisely the reason it was so controversial for Phillips, Craig, and Dean to perform at the Texas Baptist Convention back in 2014, as many pointed out that the individuals performing are not Christians by the historic definition.

Denying the Holy Trinity has always placed one outside the camp of Christianity. Jackie Hill Perry should know that, and if not, she shouldn’t be speaking on the Christian lecture circuit at all.

In reality, Jackie Hill Perry is the personal embodiment of the phrase, “the soft bigotry of lowered expectations.”

[Editor’s Note: Jackie Hill Perry will be speaking alongside John MacArthur at Sing 2019. Let that soak in.]

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