In Central America, Pope Encourages the Poor to Go to America, Calls Immigration Laws “Crazy”

Let’s be clear; the Pope has always been a globalist. And by “the Pope,” I mean any Pope. After all, the term “Catholic” means universal, and the Roman Catholic church has always wanted a one-world government under the auspices of their power. The Vatican is a political Nation-State that wants the world united under its authority, and it has found the perfect tool to unite the world under its globalist aspirations with its Jesuit and Marxist pontiff, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, also known as Pope Francis.

However, standing between Roman Catholicism and globalism is Protestantism and its great champion, the United States. Also standing between Roman Catholicism and globalism is the Nation-State, a form of governance that federalizes power in a specific nation with unique language, culture, and borders. The Nation-State is the single greatest bulwark of individual liberty and personal freedom in the world (because the Nation-State exists for the sole purpose of protecting the liberty of its Citizens), and it cannot be allowed to stand intact if globalism is to prevail.

Pope Francis, like all globalists, seeks to dismantle every Nation-State from the world and remove them as an obstacle to global control. To do that, however, they must prevent the Nation-State from having their own language, culture, and borders.

Francis – yet again – took an opportunity to throw shade at the American president and America’s right to have its own sovereign borders. In a trip to South America today, Francis claimed that migration has “made us crazy” and insinuated that having a border wall is an act of insanity.

Beginning in 2016 when Francis denounced anyone who wants to build a wall to keep out migrants as “not Christian,” he has continually claimed that having a wall is unChristlike.

Ironically, Francis’ comments seem to ignore the words of his host, Archbishop Jose Domingo Ulloin of Panama – where the Pope made the comments – who claimed that “young people often fall into the hands of drug traffickers and so many other realities that our young people face.”

Rather than offer suggestions for how the wealthy Roman Catholic church could help Central America – which has been ravaged by pedophile priests – Francis insinuated that their only hope would be for the poor to migrate to the United States to be taken care of by our welfare programs.

Francis will remain in Panama for the World Youth Day event where 150 thousand or so will attend. Many more will stick around for an extra vigil and a final Mass on Sunday. Foreign policy experts believe that Francis will use several of his planned addresses to encourage the youth of Central America to come to the United States to seek “better opportunities.”

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