Activists Put “Jesus Was a Migrant” on Osteen’s Lakewood Church Building

[LMT Online] A Houston group that projected the message “Jesus was a migrant” onto the walls of several Houston buildings says leaders of Lakewood Church summoned police to remove its crew from a public sidewalk.

Over three hours Sunday evening, members of Indivisible Houston projected the message onto a wall at Discovery Green park and on buildings including Second Baptist Church, the City Hall Annex, the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, the George R. Brown Convention Center and Lakewood Church. The incident prompted a Reddit post that’s gone viral.

The group projected the words upon the Lakewood Church building.

“Right now, we are in the middle of a government shutdown over a racist fantasy from the president,” Daniel Cohen, the president of Indivisible Houston, told the Houston Chronicle, referring to President Donald Trump’s demand for money to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexican border.

“A lot of families are under fire from the same kind of ideology that is inherent in the story of Christmas and they are going to church to hear that story.”

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[Editor’s Note: Jesus was not a ‘migrant.’ Egypt was brought into the Roman Empire 30 years before his birth when Octavius defeated Marc Antony. Traveling from Roman province to Roman province was like traveling from one American state to another. Travel was permitted and free within the Roman Empire. For more information on why Jesus was not a migrant, let alone an illegal one, click here]