While Under Investigation, Hillsong-Tied Institution Awards Brian Houston an Honorary Doctorate Degree

Brian Houston, under investigation by the Royal Commission for a sex abuse cover-up, receives an honorary degree that is tied to his own institution.


[Australia] While investigators are closing in on Brian Houston for Hillsong’s cover-up of their pedophilia scandal, and as Houston blamed the victim for “tempting” the perpetrator, he has awarded himself an honorary doctorate degree.

The Hillsong church Facebook page posted only hours ago photographs of Brian Houston receiving an honorary degree from Alphacrucis College (photo left).

The photo opportunity and ceremony may momentarily take the spotlight off of Australia’s largest evangelical “church” and one of the quickest growing religious organizations in the world. A closer introspection, however, demonstrates that the publicity stunt is no more real or accurate than Brian Houston’s sworn testimony to the Royal Commission on child sex abuse.

While another individual handed the honorary doctorate to Houston, it was really Brian Houston himself that is responsible for being bequeathed such an honor…ultimately by himself or at least by institutions Hillsong is in partnership with.

Although many may not realize it, the institution that honored Houston with the doctorate, Alphacrucis College, is an education partner with the college founded by Brian Houston’s organization, Hillsong College.

The man pictured to the left of Houston is Stephen G. Fogerty, the President of Alphacrucis College.

That institution is affiliated with the Assemblies of God of Australia, which there is known as Australian Christian Churches (ACC). It is the largest Christian liberal arts college in Australia (think of it like their version of Liberty University, except more charismatic). Now that Hillsong has invaded the rest of the planet with their music-centered fun centers and celebrity-focused worship services – from London to New York to Los Angeles and beyond – Hillsong left the ACC to form their own denomination just two months ago.

Apparently, there are no hard feelings with the ACC school, Alphacrucis, willing to give Houston an honorary doctorate even while he’s being investigated for a child sex coverup. However, the tie between Alphacrucis and Hillsong is not severed just because Hillsong has formed its own, independent denomination.

Hillsong College – under the ultimate control of Brian Houston – is basically an extension of Alphacrucis College.

If you visit the website for Alphacrucis, you’ll see the portal for Hillsong students (pictured below).

“Note to all applicants at Hillsong College…” This is the ALPHACRUCIS website.

And if you visit the website for Hillsong College, you’ll notice that Hillsong’s online program is from Alphacrucis College (pictured below).

Online courses at Hillsong, comprising the bulk of its students, are actually attending Alphacrucis.

Hillsong College is part and parcel of Brian Houston and Alphacrucis College.

Furthermore, the Chairman of the Board of Alphacrucis College, Michael Murphy, was a Hillsong Pastor under the authority of Brian Houston.

While the legal noose is tightening around Brian Houston’s neck and the media reports have been damning in recent weeks, this smoke-screen of self-aggrandizing, self-congratulating sideshow is attempting to make it appear that all is well with Brian Houston and Hillsong Church. The Royal Commission on child sex abuse and public perception, however, paints a far different picture. And if this is how the “Christians” behave in Australian charismaticism, there is little hope for Christian testimony there improving.

[Editor’s Note: Please pray for all the legitimate brethren down in the land of Oz, and for all the worldwide converts of Hillsong, across whatever land and sea that was traversed to make them twice the sons of hell]