Roman Catholics Persecute Protestants in Mexico, Shutting Off Their Water, Refusing Burial

[Chiapas, Mexico] Roman Catholics are persecuting evangelical Protestant Christians in Mexico. Among other things, like cutting off the water supply to their homes, the local government has now refused to let one family bury the body of their mother.

Authorities in the village of Ranchera Yocnajab (in the state of Chiapas) are refusing to let the woman be buried because her family has not participated in local Roman Catholic festivities. The family was told she would have to be buried outside the city limits, but other plots for burial aren’t readily available. Ultimately, she had to be buried in an altogether different town in Comitan.

The woman was a member of one of seventeen Protestant families who refuse to contribute to religious festivals of the Papists. In return, the town cut off their utilities and basic services.

Reportedly, it is the local Roman Catholic church in Ranchera Yocnajab that has convinced civil servants to persecute these believers. An organization that is designed to help protect persecuted Christians in Mexico Called Mission Agency 21 Gramos claims that city officials have signed illegal agreements to keep the Protestant believers from receiving these utilities and burial rights.

The Protestant believers have made complaints through all proper governmental channels, but they are repeatedly told to submit themselves to the local authorities and that it’s “what the majority has decided.” Without having the Mexican equivalent of a First Amendment right, the Protestant families have to suffer through a tyranny by the majority.

This is why nationalism designed to protect individual liberties in juxtaposition to Communitarianism, is so important for religious freedom.

The Human Rights Office of Mexico has acknowledged that the water to the family’s homes has been cut off, but has thus far not taken action.

[HT Evangelical Focus and Christian News Network]



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