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Carl Trueman’s Continued Anti-Intellectual Defense of Tim Keller’s Marxism

Carl Trueman wrote a defense of Tim Keller back in October, claiming (as laughable as it is absurd) that Keller could not be a Marxist because he is a theist. Trueman made absolutely no attempt in that article to address the various reasons that Keller has been credibly accused of Marxism by theologians ranging from ES Williams at the London Metropolitan Tabernacle to Timothy Kauffman at the Trinity Review. Neither did Trueman seem to acknowledge that Cultural Marxism was invented by a theist, and Liberation Theology – another Marxist ideology – was invented by theists as well. Instead of addressing any of the actual pieces of evidence (like direct citations from Keller’s own words), Trueman just wagged his finger at critics and claimed that we were breaking the 9th Commandment. I wrote a response to Trueman in an article entitled, Tim Keller is a Marxist: A Response to Carl Trueman.

Trueman recently did a podcast episode of Mortification of Spin in which he doubled-down on his idiocy (although, thankfully, he did not repeat the argument that theists can’t be Marxists), continuing to finger-wag critics for “slander,” “bearing false witness,” “stupidity,” and “lying” about Keller. Again, Trueman made no attempts – zero, zilch, nada – to deal with the substantive and factual allegations against Keller. Neither did Trueman attempt to deal with clear definitions of classical or cultural Marxism. In the post about this podcast, Trueman writes that his critics apparently have a problem with “reading comprehension.” Snobbery and ignorance have never been better wed than in the person of Carl Trueman.

Carl Trueman made an asinine claim; theists can’t be Marxists. He made no attempt to address the foundation of several streams of Marxism invented and propagated by theists. He made no attempt to deal with the statements, quotations, teachings and tweets from Tim Keller that would have any political scientist rightly classify him as Marxist. I was planning to do a Polemics Report episode reviewing this episode of Mortification of Spin, but was invited to discuss the subject with Pastor Robert Truelove and so did that instead. You can watch the video below (on Facebook) or here on YouTube.