Register Now: “God’s Voice Conference” to Counter Pro-LGBT “Revoice Conference.”

An upcoming conference hopes to provide an alternative to the “Queer Christian” Revoice Conference. In opposition to the hopeless views propagated at this year’s Revoice Conference, which was promoted by officials in two of America’s most conservative denominations, the Presbyterian Church of America and Southern Baptist Convention, the God’s Voice Conference will promote a Gospel that can fully save and sanctify sinners, transforming them and making them like Jesus. This conference will be held on February 22 and 23 at First Moore Baptist Church in Moore, Oklahoma.

Organized by Pastor Stephen Black, who was himself a homosexual before being saved and given a new nature by the Holy Spirit, the conference will feature speakers that will include a number of those disinvited or blacklisted from the Revoice Conference. One of which will be will be Thomas Littleton, who was forcefully ejected from the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting after asking Russell Moore about his opinion of Revoice. Please note that Moore’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission had several members, including Karen Swallow Prior, promoting the “queer” conference.

Pulpit & Pen reached out to Littleton, who explained the origins and design of the God’s Voice Conference.

Thomas Littleton

Regarding the purpose of the event, Littleton told Pulpit & Pen,

“It’s two things, really. The first purpose is to speak to the error of Revoice, which in our view is heretical. To claim that there’s any such thing as queer Christianity or any ‘treasure’ that ‘queer theory’ has to bring to the church or New Jerusalem.”

Littleton continued,

“The second purpose is to offer the real transforming hope of the Gospel, that indeed people can change by the power of the Gospel. There’s hope for them and there’s hope for their family. We need to counter this false American Psychological Association narrative that is held in higher regard than the Bible.”

He explained further,

“Revoice has drawn Mark Yarhouse, an APA guy, not a Gospel guy. He’s the guy that Revoice, The Gospel Coalition, Southern Seminary and others have drawn upon in his white paper on this issue in 2010. That’s where this saturation has begun that we now see manifest in the Revoice narrative.”

Littleton claimed that Yarhouse and modern psychology were more pivotal in the formation of Revoice and their evangelical supporters than the Holy Bible.

Also speaking at the event, according to Littleton, will be Bobby Lopez, Peter LaBarbera, Andrea Williams, Janet Mefferd and others. LaBarbera was similarly disinvited from Revoice and his registration fees returned. Revoice didn’t want former homosexuals who had been redeemed and transformed at the event, or heterosexuals cheering them on to holiness, preferring instead only to have those who had resigned themselves to homosexual proclivities and wanted to continue identifying with their sin.

When asked what kind of support God’s Voice might receive from the wider evangelical community, Littleton claimed that there would be support, but probably not from very many major denominational figureheads.

“I think our support will be grass-roots. We probably won’t draw a lot of the denomiantional guys. Al Baker is speaking and he’s PCA. He probably has the strongest backbone in in the PCA I’ve seen respond to revoice. The SBC isn’t really doing anything to counter Revoice.”

Albert Mohler finally spoke out against Revoice the day of the conference, which many deemed a day late and a dollar short, considering his former student and faculty member, Nate Collins, was the conference’s founder and it had been supported by many of Mohler’s associates. Most other Southern Baptist leaders remained silent altogether. There is no indication yet that Mohler will support the God’s Voice Conference in any way. Our request for comment from Mohler was not returned.

Littleton explains,

“The goal of who is speaking and how it is constructed is to not just to make it an opposition to Revoice but to counter it with God’s voice and Gospel transformation. The Gospel element of all of this is most important. The real victims if we abandon the Gospel are going to be those who need deliverance out of this lifestyle and their families.”

You can register here.

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