CRTV Cancels Greg Locke After P&P Warning

CRTV Cancels Greg Locke After P&P Warning

Greg Locke (former mistress and new wife, upper right)

Greg Locke is the celebrity Facebook evangelist who had an ongoing relationship with his secretary and put away his wife on a bus. He lied about his relationship with the secretary and claimed his wife wanted to leave. Pulpit & Pen found his wife at a shelter, who explained that she desperately wanted to come home. Locke successfully managed to replace his wife with his secretary, marrying his mistress, all-the-while retaining his pastorate at Global Vision Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. Locke has a certain knack for short, political-flavored rants with small religious injections that have become popular on Facebook. After appearing on a CRTV show, Rant Nation with Graham Allen, Locke was apparently given a spot with CRTV on their social media platform.

We issued a warning about this several weeks ago…

He now finds himself with a bigger platform on CRTV, where he is featured on a show entitled “On Point”.  One must now wonder if the management of CRTV, in partnering with such a scoundrel, has any true concern for biblical family values.  Christians should think twice before subscribing to and sharing CRTV resources, lest they participate in publicizing and providing this platform for an unqualified t-shirt-hawking “pastor” in desperate need of repentance, more accountability, and less visibility.

Locke quickly began to post videos with the CRTV logo and his Facebook page claimed it was associated with CRTV.

Now, CRTV has scrubbed any references to Greg Locke and Greg Locke has scrubbed any references to CRTV. Previously, “On Point” said it was created by CRTV. It no longer shows that on its FB page.



Likewise, videos of Locke with the CRTV logo have had the logo removed.

Pulpit & Pen, as well as a number of our readers, have reached out to CRTV and asked if they have officially severed the relationship. While CRTV has not given comment to press, they did respond to others. While not giving a straight answer, they did forward people to Greg Locke’s new Facebook page that is not associated with CRTV.

We’re thankful that it appears that CRTV has done the right thing. We can now keep our CRTV subscription with a clear conscience.

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