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Black Pastor: If White Evangelicals Are Repentant, They’ll Vote Democrat

News Division

Wendell Griffen, an Arkansas circuit judge and the pastor of New Millennium Church in Little Rock, claims that he’ll be watching the election returns to see “signs of repentance from white evangelicals.” According to Griffen, if white evangelicals are repentant over their racism, they’ll vote Democrat. If the election returns show that evangelicals vote Republican, Pastor Griffen claims that’s an indication they’re not really sorry for their racism.

Griffen writes for Baptist News Global:

On Nov. 8, 2016, 81 percent of white evangelical voters in the United States supported Donald Trump despite evidence of his personal and commercial racism, misogyny, fear and hatred of immigrants, and deceitfulness. Their votes did not show that they see God in our neighbors who are immigrants, sick and otherwise vulnerable.

This is quite a list of blanket accusations from Griffen. One wonders, other than sheer repetition of the leftist narrative wherein lies President Trump’s racism. While his whoremongering is a matter of public record, his alleged racism, on the other hand, is hardly provable. Trump seems perfectly willing to bed, mistreat, use or flatter people of all races. Likewise, I doubt that President Trump feels any “fear” of immigrants, except perhaps vicariously, for the millions of Americans who live in areas who are overrun by criminal trespassers or near our national borders with approaching angry and anarchist mobs threatening to overtake them. Furthermore, Griffen alleges that those who voted for Trump (ostensibly, even his black supporters, which is an ever-growing number) must not see the image of God among the victim-class.

The theological concept of the “imago Dei” (that all humans are made in the image of God) is a favorite talking point of leftists who use it as an excuse for murdering babies without the slightest hint of conscience but still trying to maintain the moral high-ground on other issues that might gain them votes for their compassion. Here’s a little fact for you: leftists only care about who is made in God’s image when that person can get an ID (real or fake) and vote in an election.

That illegal aliens are imago Dei should have no more bearing on our immigration policy than that murderers and child molesters are equally as imago Dei. This matter relating to anthropology deals with humanity in toto, and was never employed as a means to pardon law-breakers.

Griffen continues:

White clergy who claim to be followers of the Palestinian Jewish fellow named Jesus – whose parents were forced to seek asylum with him in Egypt during his early childhood – have been silent as Trump has ordered military forces to prevent unarmed immigrants from Central America from seeking asylum in the United States.

Full stop.

First, Jesus was not a “Palestinian Jewish fellow.” There is no such nation as “Palestine.” Jesus was not Palestinian. No one is Palestinian. Secondly, you don’t “seek asylum” by barging down the walls of a nation and coming criminally. That’s how you invade a nation. Third, you don’t “seek asylum” from poverty or general life issues. That’s absurd. Fourth, the presumption that the migrant horde criminally seeking to violate our national sovereign borders (for no other reason than we have nicer stuff than their trailer-park-of-a-nation does) is “unarmed” is absurd. Not only is the group consisting of 80 percent single adult men armed (there are arms besides firearms), but they are also armed heavily. And once they cross into Texas, they’ll have access to a whole world of firearms. And finally on this point, if Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown taught us anything, it’s that you don’t have to have a firearm in your hand to pose a deadly risk.

White clergy were silent after the President referred to immigrants from Haiti and nations on the continent of Africa as being from “shithole” countries.

I guess truth is racist now.

Or does Wendell Griffen want to move to Rwanda? He continues:

Most white clergy were silent when Trump urged Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act that guarantees access to affordable healthcare.

I want in on some of that “affordable healthcare” supposedly guaranteed by the Affordable Care Act, because my insurnace has gone up by 300%. I digress…

If many white pastors reminded their congregants that Jesus spent most of his ministry healing people who were sick and poor and did so without charging anything – let alone requiring a co-pay – I suspect that would have been newsworthy. I don’t recall seeing news reports that white clergy suggested that efforts to dismantle a system of affordable health care don’t square with the gospel accounts of the healing ministry of Jesus.

Apparently, pastor Griffen is pro-slavery. He thinks one man can demand the labor, goods and services of another man. White evangelicals aren’t against theft or slavery because they’re white, but because they’re evangelicals. Demanding to have someone else pay for your medical treatment is theft. It is sinful. It is wrong. Socialism violates the 8th Commandment. Jesus gave what he had to offer. He did not steal from one man to give to another.

And again:

At the same time, I’m watching to see if white people who attend evangelical churches across the nation will vote the way they did in 2016. I’m watching for signs that white people who call themselves evangelical followers of Jesus will turn away from the hateful, fear-mongering, bellicose, power-driven dishonesty of President Trump and his political cronies. I’m watching for signs of repentance from white evangelical voters.

Yes. We will vote the same way we did in 2016. We will vote that way because it’s still wrong to murder black babies and white babies and red babies and whatever other colors of babies I’m not supposed to say because it’s politically incorrect. Unless infanticide somehow became acceptable to God, you can bet your bottom dollar that all evangelicals will vote the way they did in 2018. It’s not that “black evangelicals” vote differently, it’s that they’re not really evangelical at all. I would highly doubt that Wendell Griffen even knows what the evangel of evangelism is. He probably thinks the Good News is about spaying cats, teaching dolphins to read and saving the rainforest.

I join others who question whether white evangelicals are followers of Jesus at all. They often seem to confuse the gospel of Jesus with white supremacy and notions of a U.S. empire. White religious nationalism is heresy to the gospel of Jesus, not faithfulness to it.

I join others who question whether black evangelicals are followers of Jesus at all.

What, should I not have said that? Was that racist? Is it wrong to say something like that?

In reality, I don’t question whether or not black evangelicals are followers of Jesus. That would be racist. I do question whether or not Democrats are followers of Jesus, regardless of their skin color. I think the pretty obvious answer to that is no. Your party platform can’t be basically a list of reason why people go to hell (murder, theft, homosexuality, etc) and expect the rest of us to take seriously your moral arguments about why you believe in slaughtering babies but saving murderers from death row. Evangelicals (black or white) don’t give a @#%#% about your fair-trade coffee so long as Planned Parenthood has turned the wombs of American women into more hostile environments than an Auschwitz oven.

So Tuesday night, I’ll watch election returns to see whether white people who call themselves evangelical followers of Jesus will, again, prove that they prize white supremacy above the inclusive and liberating gospel of divine grace, truth, justice and peace.  I’ll look for evidence that white people who claim to be followers of the Palestinian Jewish itinerant prophet and healer named Jesus are turning away from white religious nationalism. I’ll be watching and hoping for signs of white evangelical repentance. I don’t expect that election results tomorrow will support my hope.

Whitey votes Republican. Honky votes conservative. Those slices of wonderbread jive turkeys are white devils.

White. White. White. White. Black. Black. Black. Black. Mercy. Who has the race-fixation here? Who’s caught up on skin color? Who’s the racist? I’m thinking it’s the guy who throws the skin color he clearly doesn’t like into every sentence.

Voting Democratic is not “repentance.” In most cases, in most elections, with most binary choices (exceptions notwithstanding) it is a sin against a righteous God to cast your vote in a way that will perpetuate the murder of human beings or the theft of private property. In short, if given a choice between two people and one doesn’t have baby blood down their tie like a bib, vote for that one. This precludes most Democrats from the Christian vote from the onset.

This is a photo of Wendell Griffen protesting the death penalty for murderers. He is for the death penalty for infants.

It’s not about race. It’s about morality. While it’s unlikely God is a Republican, I’m pretty positive Satan is a Democrat.

Jesus rode a donkey. But not that kind…

[Contributed by JD Hall]