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The Enemy is Among Us! – Progressive Ideology

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The progressive ideology that speaks of systemic victimization is actually a mask for a pervasive, systemic, anti-Christ ideology.

Ironically, Progressive Ideology victimizes EVERYONE. It is the oppressor and the worst victims are those who are caught up in its deception.

One cannot hold to Progressive Ideology AND Christianity without radically distorting the later. One cannot hold to Progressive Ideology and love his brothers and sisters in Christ in the way described and commanded in the Scriptures. Indeed, it promotes bitterness, envy and strife—the antithesis of the fruits of the Spirit.

This is a spiritual war, not one of mere politics. Don’t be deceived. The Christian should resist Progressive Ideology tooth and nail. We must resist it in our culture, in our institutions, in our media, AND ESPECIALLY IN OUR CHURCHES! With our words, with our prayers and with our actions, we must wage holy warfare.

The night is spent, the day has come. The great day of battle so long in the making us upon our generation!

This anti-Christ must be slain for the sake of our children and our children’s children. We stand upon the field and the legions of Hell have not only advanced, but we have been flanked and they are within our own ranks wrecking havoc! Satan has prepared for this since The Enlightenment and has now unleashed His horde.

We are at war and the battle is raging. WAKE UP! TO ARMS!

[Contributed with permission Robert Truelove]