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Christian College President Compares Homosexuality to Sexual Assault – Apologizes


The president of a Christian college in Iowa last week compared homosexuality to sexual sins like sexual assault, pornography, and adultery, while reflecting on his 10 years leading the university.

Northwestern College (NWC) President Greg Christy made the comparison in an essay published on the school’s website Friday, titled, “What remains unchanged since 2008?” At the top of the list was “the authority of Scripture,” specifically what he believes it says about sexuality:

Pornography, premarital sex, adultery, sexual assault, the objectification of women, and same-sex activity all exemplify the brokenness of sexual desire and expression. Like all good gifts from God, the gift of human sexuality is to be honored, cherished and expressed in ways that bring glory to God. It is within this context that sexual promiscuity of any sort is always wrong, and it’s the reason we call all members of our community to chastity — to celibacy outside of marriage and faithfulness within marriage.

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