Jen Hatmaker: Jesus Came to Affirm the LGBT Community

When Pulpit & Pen first warned about Jen Hatmaker, she was still one of Lifeway’s best-selling authors. Eventually, she crossed the threshold into heresy such that not even Lifeway could tolerate (and that’s saying something). Hatmaker, a popular mommy-blogger and pseudo-Christian teacher came out in support of the sin of sodomy in 2016, and Lifeway subsequently stopped selling her antibiblical material. Since then, Hatmaker has received even greater stardom and fame, being a constant figure on the leftist speaking circuit, propelling herself forward as a champion of LGBT inclusivism and speaking out against “patriarchy.” Recently, Hatmaker tweeted that she wanted to be baptized an Episcopalian by a pro-gay bishop and her (still) good friend and compatriot, Beth Moore, ‘liked’ her tweet.

Hatmaker’s affirmation of sodomy came not long after Obergfell vs Hodges, indicating that the dictates of the United States judiciary are what truly inform her moral resolve. She was immediately championed by the evangelical left for her bravery. Today, Hatmaker posted a long-winded status on Facebook that claims Jesus came to affirm the LGBT community, as well as to accomplish other leftist agenda items.

As a leader and author, pastor and teacher, let me just be positively clear where I stand on a few things. In the most outrageous twilight zone ever, these issues have now become “partisan” but to me, these are purely a matter of my faith which compels me. I will always champion a working faith ethic that:

Believes women.

Clearly Hatmaker is referring to the allegations of Christine Blasey Ford, a woman who has accused Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh of exposing himself to her when he was 17. She has not only failed to provide any corroborating evidence, but a number of what were supposed to be her witnesses have denied the account. Kavanaugh has calendars proving he was not in the area at the time of the alleged occurrence. There is no evidence whatsoever that she is telling the truth, but Hatmaker “believes women,” apparently on no other grounds that they are women.

Condemns the pervasive, patriarchal power structures that keep women silenced, underpaid, underrepresented, exploited, denigrated, shamed, and abused.

Names, repents from, resists, and actively fights white supremacy in all its forms, structures, systems, language, and evil practices.

God set up a patriarchal power struggle, with an all-male leadership of Israel’s tribes and an all-male roster of disciples, apostles and elders. That aside, it’s good to oppose “white supremacy” when and where it actually exists. One wonders who exactly she’s talking about. It might also be worth asking if other kinds of supremacy are okay.

Actively resists children being held in detainment apart from their parents at the border as a wicked, punitive, unconscionable political strategy.

Apparently, that “political strategy” was good for Barack Obama because that was his policy. It was further mandated by a ruling of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Hatmaker did not complain about it then. Now, who is being political again?

Affirms the LGBTQ community, defends their rights, and cherishes their humanity.

Alright, there is nothing new here. Hatmaker embraces sodomy. It’s just another day that ends with “y.” But, then get this…

The thing is, this is the only way I understand the gospel. I cannot come to any other conclusion than this path laid out for us by Jesus. Anything other than a radically inclusive faith that honors the dignity of every person makes no sense to me. I can’t find any other road through my faith than one that condemns patriarchy, misogyny, sexism, racism, homophobia, ableism, abuse, and white supremacy. NOTHING ELSE MAKES SENSE. This is who Jesus is and what He came to do.

“Affirming the LGBT Community” is the only way Jen Hatmaker can understand the Gospel.

Regardless of what else Jen Hatmaker may in fact understand, the biblical Gospel is not on that list.

You see, Christianity is not an inclusive faith. It is an exclusive faith, built upon the Doctrine of the Exclusivity of Christ. God will one day exclude from his kingdom¬†the sexually immoral, idolaters, adulterers, and those who practice homosexuality (1 Corinthians 6:9-10). And while “misogyny, sexism, racism, ableism,” and all kinds of racial supremacy are wrong and unloving to our neighbor, it is clear that Hatmaker doesn’t understand the Gospel at all. Of course the Law includes the Second Table (loving our neighbor), but it is not the Gospel.¬†

And by the way, affirming people in their sin and thus facilitating their eternal perdition is not loving. It is extremely, extremely hateful.