Homosexual Subculture Thrives at Catholic Seminary

Ireland – Two years ago, David Marsden resigned his position at St Patrick’s College in Maynooth, Ireland. Today, he told the publication, Lumen Fidei, why he resigned. According to Marsden, there is a thriving homosexual subculture at the college that is widely accepted and embraced by the Roman Catholic oversight. St. Patrick’s College is the nation’s Roman Catholic national seminary.

According to the report, Marsden is a clinic psychologist and specializes in equipping priests for their pastoral function. He claims that a homosexual network thrives at the college, both among students and faculty members. There is a growing acceptance of homosexuality among Roman Catholics, emboldened by Pope Francis’ deviations from historic Romanist teaching. The priest claimed in the interview that when he reported the widespread homosexuality to church leaders, he was ignored and in some cases, silenced.

Ireland recently approved of sodomy-based marriages, and the Roman Catholic church was virtually silent in the political debate. Bishops and priests of the church did not speak up during the referendum. At one point, Marsden suggested that the college should hold a “Holy Hour, devoted to praying for a good – and more biblical – outcome in the national debate on gay marriage. Marsden suggested such to the seminary council and heads of faculty. The president of the college dismissed his suggestion. Later, Marsden delivered two sermons in defense of marriage between one man and one woman. He was then called into the president’s office and was told that a complaint was given against him, but the individual registering the complaint would not be named. Marsden alleged the complaint came from a homosexual colleague in the seminary.

Marsden explained that there was concern he was becoming a “one issue person” and imbalanced in his views. Marsden, in response, explained that he had become outspoken on the issue of marriage because others in the seminary were silent on the subject altogether.

Marsden explained in the interview that there was a homosexual subculture at the college that was so great that homosexuals had no fear of telling others they were homosexual and sexually active in sodomy. Furthermore, he alleges that bishops knew of the behavior, and tolerated it. He also reported that punitive actions had been taken against whistleblowers who caught to male seminarians in bed together.

When Marsden confronted a particularly notoriously homosexual seminarian, he was told, “My bishop knows, the seminary council knows, my spiritual director knows; none of them have a problem with it so neither should you.”

According to the priest, the Roman Catholic college is an “institution riddled by systemic disobedience to Church teaching” and a “cesspool of liberal theology and heterodoxy.”

[Editor’s Note: Lifesite News]