Shots Taken at Lifeway Headquarters

According to reports, a bullet was fired at the third floor of the Lifeway headquarters. Whether the shot was intentional or a stray bullet is unknown.

Lifeway is the world’s largest retailer of false doctrine and poor theological teaching in the world and is owned by the Southern Baptist Convention. The entity sells New Age books, Roman Catholic mysticism, Word-Faith theology, books by non-Trinitarians, egalitarian books and those written by female preachers, prosperity teaching, books by the Eastern Orthodox, LGBT propaganda, omen interpretation, Judaizing, Pelagianism, and until recently, Heaven Tourism. Making millions of dollars each year, the Southern Baptist Convention has no active plans to dismantle or reprimand the retailer.

Nashville area police reported that a caller had heard a gunshot prior to the report of the bullet striking the Lifeway headquarters. The bullet was found lodged in a filing cabinet inside the building.

Thom Rainer, director of Lifeway, said on Twitter:

Shots were fired today toward the LifeWay building. One shattered a window. No one was hit or hurt. I wish I could respond to everyone texting and emailing me, but I have no other information at this time. Thank you for your prayers.

An employee, Bekah Stoneking, said, “I’ve had 3 separate convos where people (including myself) had planned to be in the area/direction where the shots came from. The Lord had other plans.”

In actuality, the Lifeway headquarters are stacked so full of material from false teachers it’s unlikely that a bullet could penetrate far into the building. We are thankful no one was hurt.

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