Chelsea Clinton Calls Abortion “Social Justice Issue,” Says It’s Christian Duty

Chelsea Clinton, daughter of President Bill Clinton and former Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, recently argued that ending abortion is unchristian. Speaking on the radio program, “Signal Boost,” which airs on Sirius Radio, Clinton spoke of the necessity of abortion-on-demand and explained that her Christian faith motivates her to keep infanticide “safe” and “legal.“

When I think about all of the statistics that are painful of what women are confronting today in our country, and what even more women confronted pre-Roe and how many women died and how many more women were maimed because of unsafe abortion practices, we just can’t go back to that.

Of course, if a woman is killed or maimed while in the act of murdering her infant, she fully deserves it. Basic notions of justice aside, Clinton continued:

And also, I’m sure that this will unleash another wave of hate in my direction, but as a deeply religious person, it’s also un-Christian to me.

Clinton, the “deeply religious person,” said that she had been compared to “slave owners and Nazis in recent months” for her abortion advocacy. This, of course, is a highly unfair comparison. Abortion has killed way more ethnic minorities than slavery and the Holocaust combined.

Clinton also called abortion, “A deeply social justice issue.” You can listen to the audio below.

Clinton says at the 1:24 mark, “Those of us who are privileged because of the color of our skin, religion, our family’s income…have a particular responsibility to right now to exploit our privilege to shine a light on how the issue of reproductive health access is not just about women’s choices and family issues, it is deeply a social justice issue…”

Evangelical Christians like Russell Moore, Tim Keller, Matt Chandler, Albert Mohler, Mark Dever, and Thabiti Anyabwile (the latter endorsed Hillary Clinton for President in his Gospel Coalition sub-blog) are all fighting hard for the term, Social Justice. Other believers, like John MacArthur, Tom Ascol, Voddie Baucham, Douglas Wilson and James White have supported The Dallas Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel, which seeks to warn Christians that “Social Justice” is not part and parcel with the Gospel.

One side stands with Chelsea Clinton. The other side doesn’t.