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Bible Thumping Wingnut Discusses Tim Keller, Sam Allberry

Sam Allberry  of  LivingOut claims to be Gay (Same Sex Attracted). No man who desires homosexual relationships should be in any kind of ministry, period! The title of his website is “Christian & Gay.”

Throughout Sam’s website, the terms “gay” & “same-sex attracted” are used interchangeably and often together “Gay/Same-Sex Attracted.” Why? Because they mean the same thing.

Folks, Sam Allberry and Tim Keller are softening the wickedness of homosexuality to make it more acceptable in today’s Christian culture.

On this episode of the BTWN Podcast, Tim is joined by Len Pettis of “Grappling With Theology.” Listen as they address the highly controversial blog by Toni Brown, “Tim Keller’s Full. Endorses Being Gay & Christian.” They also discuss the many defenders of the gay/same-sex attracted movement and  “The Living Out Church Audit.”

Video of this episode:

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