Rosebrough Explains What’s Wrong with Servus Christi

What’s wrong with Servus Christi? Well, the obvious warning signs are all there.

Like Satan, he twists the Scriptures and applies a (Biblical) call to godly separation to an infinite degree, essentially anathematizing the entire Body of Christ and severing it limb from limb (which is not the Scripture’s teaching). Like Satan, Servus Christi’s goal is Sectarian Minimalism, a full-frontal attack on the established and organized church (the only kind). He is not a part of the church, not belonging to a local Body of believers and, like Satan, attacks the church from the outside rather than calling it to repent from the inside. You can take everything John writes in his first epistle regarding how to identify someone has eternal life, reverse it, and you have the character and behavior of Servus Christi. He has no former pastors who would vouch that his profession of faith is valid and no former ecclesias that would consider him a blessing and not a curse. Furthermore, Servus Christi has no theological training, no proper credentialing (by that I mean the support of a local church, not only the lack of formal seminary training), and no adequate or basic understanding of proper Biblical hermeneutics. And finally, Servus Christi has set himself against the finest discerning Bible teachers in the world, setting himself up as an opponent not of nefarious Bible-twisters, but faithful Bible teachers. And to do so, he has taken their words out of context, edited audio and put it out of order, and lied by both commission and omission.

He has attacked Paul Washer, John MacArthur, Justin Peters, Phil Johnson, Todd Friel and men of far less importance or contribution (like myself). He has done so all under the following formula: Beth Moore is a bad Bible teacher and worse, she partners with even worse false prophets (Joyce Meyer, Christine Caine, and so on). John Piper endorses Beth Moore. John MacArthur speaks at conferences with John Piper. Therefore, anyone who does not publicly rebuke John MacArthur is guilty of partnering with Joyce Meyer, Christine Caine, and so on.

The math of the pseudonymous Servus Christi is simple. Take any Bible teacher, add the sins or problems of anyone with whom he has had some kind of contact or connection, and trace that line back to the worst heretics you can (that line will go all the way back to Nimrod, I’m sure). This is the formula in a mathematical equation:

Joyce Meyer = 1 heretic

Beth Moore = 1 unqualified Bible teacher and general nitwit

Beth Moore + Joyce Meyer = 2 heretics

John Piper = 1 sometimes problematic Bible teacher, however…

John Piper + Beth Moore  = Joyce Meyer, 3 heretics

John MacArthur = Good Bible teacher, however…

John MacArthur + John Piper = Beth Moore + Joyce Meyer, 4 heretics

Phil Johnson = Good Bible teacher, however…

Phil Johnson + John MacArthur = John Piper + Beth Moore + Joyce Meyer, 5 heretics

Now, where Phil Johnson is in this formula, put any other name of any other discerning Bible teacher, and that’s who Servus Christi is trying to demolish with his unconquerable brand of ignorance or satanic vitriol. In his latest video, he attacked Chris Rosebrough for not rebuking John MacArthur for taking part in the sins of John Piper who’s taking part in the sins of Beth Moore who’s taking part in the sins of Joyce Meyer.

For example, Chris Rosebrough won’t attack MacArthur for speaking with John Piper, even though Piper is not guilty of heresy in the textbook definition of the word (yet, anyway). John Piper endorsed Beth Moore. Beth Moore is a bat-hat crazy prophetess. Worse yet, Beth Moore is gal-pals with Joyce Meyer who’s going to split hell open like Ernest Rutherford split the atom. Therefore, Servus Christi argues, Chris Rosebrough is guilty of the heresies of Joyce Meyer.

Paul Washer = Good Bible teacher, however…

Paul Washer + John MacArthur = Phil Johnson + John Piper + Beth Moore + Joyce Meyer, 6 heretics

Servus Christi, or Josh Chav (which as far as I know might be a pseudonym as well), has done this fuzzy math with Justin Peters, Todd Friel, myself and so on and so forth.

Whereas discernment ministers with an ounce of common sense recognize the difference between bananas and kiwis (to use Rosebrough’s illustration), Servus Christi does not. While we will lament Francis Chan speaking at IHOP or Michael Brown speaking at Toronto Blessing 2.0, there is a difference between that and John MacArthur speaking at Together for the Gospel. First, Together for the Gospel is not – in and of itself – a nefarious venue or of a nefarious topic. Both the Toronto Blessing and IHOP are Synagogues of Satan. Their entire theme is focused around the errors of Montanism. Until 2018 when it took a strange an unexpected Social Justice turn, Together for the Gospel was about the Gospel. This is a banana and kiwi-type situation.

Likewise, John MacArthur has not given verbal endorsements or positive overt affirmations of any false teachers. When Francis Chan spoke at IHOP, he gave Mike Bickle glowing accolades and endorsed his ministry. When Michael Brown speaks at the Toronto Airport Church he endorses everyone from Patricia King to Rodney Howard-Browne to the demon-possessed stray dog on the street. He’s endorsing the tacos at the vendor’s truck, the lady practicing the Cult of Santa Muerte running the taco truck, the Detroit factory workers that made the taco truck, he’s literally heaping praises and blessings upon everyone in sight. This is another banana and kiwi situation, in that you can’t find MacArthur giving any credence or support to false prophets. But with the math of Servus Christi, you can find MacArthur giving credence and support to people who give credence and support to people who give credence and support to other people who give credence and support to false prophets and therefore, John MacArthur is a false prophet and so is [fill in the blank] for not denouncing MacArthur.

I’ve tried to (mostly) ignore Servus Christi, but I smiled when I saw that he took on Rosebrough. While thus far (with me as the exception) the men he’s attacked have been off doing what’s important somewhere and aren’t going to make time for a guy who buys most of his YouTube views, I knew that Pirate Rosebrough would do what he does best. And he didn’t disappoint. Here’s his video below.