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Aimee Byrd Removed From Recommended Resources

I’ve had a number of people contact me over the last several weeks to remind me that Aimee Byrd’s Housewife Theologian was on the list of recommended resources here at Polemics Report. I apologize because first, I forgot that was the case, and secondly, it took me so long to get around to removing it (I’ve been on vacation).
Aimee Byrd, who seems like a lovely woman and I’m sure is a very pleasant human being, has written a book I (and many others) consider to be extremely dangerous, called Why Can’t We Be Friends? In podcasts promoting the book, Byrd has been equally as troubling. I’ve really no reason to belabor the point, with others being far more succinct in their criticism.
I will refer you to these two podcasts on the Bible Thumping Wingnut network to explain the problems with Byrd’s book and this post from Douglas Wilson.
While we will never agree with everything written by a Christian leader and will sometimes disagree on various issues (like we have with Douglas Wilson, above), we are happy to recommend their resources so long as they aren’t promoting what is spiritually dangerous and objectively wrong-headed. However, we believe that Byrd’s notions of intimate relationships between non-married, opposite-sex adults is a recipe for adultery and believe the book is toxic to the sanctity of marriage and holiness of the church.