Ireland Makes History: Legalizes Murder of the Unborn

Abortion has been illegal in Ireland since 1861.  In 1983, there was a growing concern among Ireland’s population, which was heavily influenced by the pro-life ethic of the Roman Catholic Church, that their country would follow the pattern of the more secular nations around it and legalize the practice of killing babies in womb.  Pro-lifers fought to maintain the protection of the unborn. On September 7th, 1983, the “Eighth Amendment of the Constitution Act” was enacted, giving the mother and the unborn equal rights and protection under Irish law.  Yesterday, May 25, Irish voters, in a referendum, had the opportunity to perpetuate or repeal the Eight Amendment. Sadly, in a landslide vote, Irish voters decided to repeal the amendment.

Today, throughout Ireland, “celebrations” are being held as the voters who said, “Yes” to the lawful murder of the unborn, are reveling in that fact that women will no longer have to obtain illegal abortions in countries outside Ireland or make use of the black market to have access to the abortion pill.  According to the revelers, women finally have comprehensive reproductive care in Ireland.  This developmental is indicative of the waning influence of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland.

This is indeed a grievous day for God’s image-bearers in Ireland.  The voters of Ireland, currently celebrating evil, face a grim judgement in the future. They will have to stand before the righteous and just God to answer for their murderous ways.  Their Roman Catholic ancestors, as protective of the unborn as they were, will also stand before God. They face a similar grim judgement, not for condoning the murder of the unborn but for preaching a false gospel of works.  Only the gospel of Jesus Christ can save both groups from the wrath that is it come.  Christians observing the events of today should keep eternal matters in perspective as they consider this sad temporal polticial development.

Below is a “live” link to the wicked celebrations taking place in honor of the legalization of the killing of the unborn in Ireland.

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