Should Christians Be Adapting To The Culture? — Voddie Baucham

Should Christians Be Adapting To The Culture? — Voddie Baucham

This video is well worth the watch. Yes, this is a longer video, but Voddie Baucham knocks the commonly taught philosophy that Christians must become part of the culture to influence the culture. Voddie explains that it is not only ineffective to do this, but is a sin.  In truth when we are raising the needs or wants of culture over the demand of God to adhere to His Word, Voddie tells us that this is a form of idolatry.   When we seek to use this type of outreach to try and reach those outside of the body of Christ, we are showing those people a false Christianity. When we allow this to occur, it is the opposite of what the Word of God teaches; we are to be bold in our faith and not of the culture, we are the “called out ones.” We are to be anti-cultural. Instead of blending in with the culture we need to be standing out in the culture that when people look at us, they see something different; they see the Gospel of Christ.

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