Three Facts About the Clayton Jennings Crusade!

Today  (March 12th 2018) is a big day for Clayton Jennings and his many followers.  For months Jennings has been planning and promoting the launch of his 2018 revival crusade.  The 30-year-old evangelist, author, poet, husband and father has scheduled  52 dates.  The first of which will be in Nashville, TN.  Thousands have waited with much anticipation for another opportunity to see and hear Jennings. You can see the complete list of cities and venues – HERE.

No doubt you or someone you know is hoping and or planning to attend one or more of these upcoming dates. In an effort to help you prepare for your night at a Clayton Jennings Crusade I present to you: 3 Amazing Facts About The Clayton Jennings Crusade of 2018!

FACT #1 The Clayton Jennings Revival Crusade Is Not Free.

We are not sure if any evangelist before has ever charged for a seat at a crusade but you will need a ticket to attend this crusade.  There are $10 pre-event tickets ($15 at the door), which may be purchased on the Clayton Jennings website HERE.

FACT #2 – The Clayton Jennings Revival Crusade is NOT supported by any local churches.

Support and management of this crusade is handled by Clayton Jennings and the secular marketing company he hired in September of 2017.  Jennings has been forced to book himself in non-church locations. Most orthodox Christian churches have refused to support Jennings due to Fact #3.  The tour does have two “church” venues on its schedule, however they are far from orthodox. Both are “Christian Family Churches” that hold to a NAR view of apostolic gifts and frequently hold healing services known to use a well know parlor trick to lengthen the legs of those who suffer leg or hip discomfort.

FACT #3 – The Clayton Jennings Revival Crusade Has No Real Minister

Some may not have heard and may be surprised to learn that Jennings himself is not licensed or commissioned by any Christian organization.  His home church revoked his ministry credentials in November of 2016 following his admission (and refusal to repent) of sexual sin.  Jennings is actually a well documented sexual predator. Some examples are Church Watch Central – Here and The Pulpit & Pen – Here

This information is posted in an attempt to warn my fellow Christians and exhort Clayton Jennings to repent and submit to his church leadership.



[Editor’s Note: This was first published at Bible Thumping Wingnut]