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Revoked: Clayton Jennings Loses Ministry Endorsement of Home Church

Throughout the month of November Pulpit & Pen and Polemics Report have released several articles detailing the sexually aggressive behavior of nationally prominent evangelist, author, actor, and poet Clayton Jennings.   In the wake of these disturbing reports, the elders of Jennings’ home church have taken action.  Pulpit & Pen, through our sister organization Polemics Report, has confirmed that the elders of Harbor Shores Church of Cicero, Indiana have revoked Jennings’ license for the gospel ministry.


This revocation comes shortly after another nationally prominent evangelist, Tony Nolan, who purports to be Jennings’ “spiritual mentor” made public statements about supporting Jennings as he entered into a period of “restoration.”  Nolan is not a member of Harbor Shores but rather is the “teaching pastor” of Freedom Church in Acworth, Georgia.

Clayton Jennings’ father Don Jennings is the senior pastor of Harbor Shores Church.  Polemics Report is in possession of an audio recording which indicates that Don Jennings was already aware of at least one incident of his son’s misconduct well before it was reported by Pulpit & Pen and Polemics Report.  Nothing indicates that Don Jennings consulted his elders about the status of his son’s ministry license at the time that he was made aware of that misconduct.

As of the date of this report, Clayton Jennings’ personal website is still accepting donations and advertising his apparel, movie, and books for sale.

Pulpit & Pen is aware that some readers of this report may be unaware of the existence or nature of a “license to ministry.”  For an explanation of a license to ministry as well as links to other stories about the sexual misconduct of Clayton Jennings please see the information below:

What is a license to ministry?

A license to ministry is essentially an endorsement by a local church that is given to one of it’s members who may or may not be a pastor.  Typically, such a license is given to a seminary student or other such person who has demonstrated a call to vocational Christian ministry.  Depending on their state of residence, licensees may be legally authorized to perform marriage ceremonies or conduct funeral services in a professional capacity.

What are the details of Clayton Jennings misconduct?

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