On the Adulterous Affair of Ravi Zacharias and the Cover-Up

From: Ravi <rakzach@gmail.com> Date: October 29, 2016 at 6:18:08 PM EDT To: [REDACTED] <[REDACTED]> Subject: Re: Letter I am fine Thank you. I am just concerned about her. Thank you please tell her I am praying for her. She is very much in my prayers _____ [REDACTED, HUSBAND] had wrote an email from my icloud account with one word “Apology?” I did not keep that email… this was Ravi’s response.

From: Ravi <rakzach@gmail.com> Date: November 15, 2016 at 2:47:26 AM EST To: [REDACTED] <[REDACTED]> That’s the only way as a follower of Jesus. Yes. Even though the love of life has gone and hangs on by a slender thread. Heaven is more beautiful each day. In the land of my birth. Memories of youth and childhood…. God be with you and your beautiful family _____

From: [REDACTED, HUSBAND AND WIFE] Date: November 17, 2016 at 10:41:31 AM EST To: [REDACTED] Subject: From [REDACTED] Please forward to Ravi on my behalf. I would be grateful. Dear Ravi, I have spent countless hours trying to comb through the annals of my soul and spirit trying to dissect anatomically what has happened. What I let happen, what I didn’t see coming and why. What you meant to what I didn’t see coming and why. What you meant to me, how that played out, what to do with that now and so on… If I could go back, I’d run to no less than a thousand moments. I can’t. I cannot rewrite history, and perhaps that is a good thing. What I can say with integrity is that I loved you with a pureness of heart despite how things shifted. I wanted then and ardently want now – your best and highest. I failed [REDACTED, HUSBAND], I failed you, I failed God and myself. I have struggled lifelong with a deep and profound sense of shame. This has added to it immensely. I will process this for a long time to come. I wish for you to assume the very best of me, despite my failure; I will assume the very best of you. I will cover you with a blanket of mercy now and always and ask that you do the same for me. I have not been able to pray for you until last night. Something broke through last night to permit me to do so once again. In His grace, [REDACTED] I cannot express enough my wish for restoration for you especially your heart as I too am a man just like you who has lived to long in his head. Sincerest Blessings [REDACTED, HUSBAND]

On Nov 17, 2016, at 8:36 PM, Ravi <rakzach@gmail.com> wrote: Thank you to you both. The heart is broken and only Thank you to you both. The heart is broken and only the Lord can heal. The tears roll and only the Lord can wipe away. I promise to be a better man. I have informed my office that I will turn in my phone next week. Ten years ago before email etc life gave me more time to read and spend with my lord. I know with travel this poses greater risks not to give me access- especially in the middle east. But God protected me over all those years. He will do so in the future. Thank you for your prayers. That means a lot to me. I need it. Those prayers will carry me. With my prayers Ravi (don’t know if you heard of the chaos in India right now with the demonetization shock. can’t change money anywhere. We are trying to head home. Never seen anything like this in my travels _____

From: [REDACTED, HUSBAND] <[REDACTED]> Date: November 18, 2016 at 7:36:35 AM EST To: Ravi <rakzach@gmail.com> Subject: Re: From Both of Us. O dear God Ravi. Please don’t promise to be better. I ([REDACTED]) laid on the bed heart broken and wept when I read that bit. You have said it twice. Once to each of us. It was the grief of God that overtook me. We can’t be better. Can you not see God right beside us? He is at your right hand. It is no coincidence that you are in India right now. It is no coincidence that the demonitorization in India is happening at this moment I ______ [REDACTED, HUSBAND] beseech you to understand… That which is counterfeit has flooded the financial markets, and as such is of no value. Even that which is not counterfeit has become valueless…. that which is real is rendered worthless. You are likely the most powerful Indian man globally who has both a platform and a meaningful message. It is counterfeit to think that being better is the answer. All sons of India, you and your nation holds this belief falsely not just in the head, but deep into its very heart. That is why the striving, the jumping off buildings, the culture of shame, the searching, sacrificing and hungering for literally millions of deities. Even their gods compete against one another in a spiritual oneup-manship. Can you imagine your kids or grandkids coming to you and saying this… “Papa, I’ll let myself know and be known when I become better, sin less and perform more. I will make myself more acceptable to you.” Noooooooo!!!!! The Father alone says this…. You are beloved as your birthright. You are my son… this knowledge MUST travel the long and arduous distance from your head to your heart. You, your family, your nation and millions of Christians all over the world are literally starving for the message of a Father who loves you and wants your heart in the deepest of places. deepest of places. Your MOMENTARY failure is safe with us, we assume ours is safe with you. We love you. I, _____,[REDACTED, HUSBAND] love you. You, we, were created for such a time as this. All creation is sitting on the edge of its seat waiting to see the Sons of God revealed. Christ in you and in me. Brothers of the same father. Let us each walk the rest of our lives in an effort to “wipe the face of our earthly father off the face of God.” You are accepted. You are acceptable. Our deepest corporate prayer this day, the one we both believe is His prayer for you is that you may never do better. That you may move from doing to being… being broken, being intimate, being authentic, being vulnerable, being spacious, being tender, being accepted. Know that I ([REDACTED, HUSBAND) am standing on Gods shoulders with my hands in the air cheering you on. Finish well my dear friend, in His strength, on the wind of His passionate love for you and His endless favour bestowed on your being. In His Grace, [REDACTED, HUSBAND AND WIFE] PS – We will be sending you a small gift at Christmas. Don’t be alarmed when you see the package. It will be a gift of grace. Sent from my iPhone _____

From: Ravi <rakzach@gmail.com> Date: November 18, 2016 at 11:25:00 AM EST To: [REDACTED, HUSBAND] <[REDACTED]> Subject: Re: From Both of Us. My dear [REDACTED, HUSBAND AND WIFE] I received your message a couple of hours ago and I kid you not, like Pilgrim of old I felt the burden I had carried, roll down as he ascended the hill with the Cross on it. I truly sobbed my heart out when I read your last paragraph, [REDACTED, HUSBAND]. That is the most incredible thing to read- that you would be cheering me on….we sing so much about Grace but there is nothing like being on the receiving end when it is a pure gift and completely undeserved by the recipient. Then to add the even greater touch….that song of being no longer afraid… I had never heard it too, till last Sunday when I preached in London at Hillsong. My heart almost burst out of me praying then that the day would come. Now here it is. There is no such thing as clean air in India, but I had to take a walk after receiving your beautiful letter- from both of you- and not a soul knew that as I walked a crowded and messy sidewalk, in the dark, dodging traffic each time I had to get on to the side of the road– , that God had just returned in my heart with unspeakable Joy. Incredibly, the song that kept me weighed down for days was “Where is the joy that once I knew When first I saw the lord Where is the soul’s refreshing view of Jesus and his Where is the soul’s refreshing view of Jesus and his word What peaceful hours I once enjoyed How sweet their memory still But they have left an aching void This world can never fill.” For the life of me I had never thought of that song for years because it is so morbid. Lo and behold, the enemy of our souls kept those words coming back in my mind. Now, two lines erased that completely: “No longer a slave to fear I am a child of God.” I can still hear the worship team singing it, now as you bring it to mind. The grand weaver has done His weaving with a confluence of His mercy. You know the Indian culture well, [REDACTED, HUSBAND]. I’m amazed how well you see through the weight of their faith and reactions. This is how we are raised. Shame, guilt, superstition, you must pay, and hence the karmic law. Today I saw the lines outside the banks and the pushing and shoving. I didn’t even dare go within twenty yards of the crowds. A stampede could have broken out. It’s all so insane. But that is how a culture without Grace and hope, lives. What you both have said and written embodies our faith in clearer tones than I have ever seen lived out. Thank you for living out our Lord’s message in a way the world can never understand, until sin and Grace meet and Grace wins it all. Wesley said it beautifully: “T’was Grace that taught my heart to fear and Grace my fears relieved.” Whatever your Christmas gift is, I am overwhelmed at the thought, but what you have demonstrated exceeds any gift that can come… I retire to sleep now with a heart overflowing with a I retire to sleep now with a heart overflowing with a fresh touch from above. May His word be even more powerful than ever before. Thank you for for your trust. Maybe in heaven we will be together and see in full measure how beautiful this gift of God has been through deep waters to a glorious Rescue. I leave for Mumbai tomorrow to speak to an almost completely Muslim and Hindu audience- it is the mother Theresa award for a young Muslim gunned down saving his friends. Imagine that- they have asked me to bring the message of Jesus to this audience. I am praying for wisdom. God bless you dear [REDACTED, HUSBAND] and God bless you dear [REDACTED, WIFE]. You both are loved in a way words cannot describe. Ravi _____

From: [REDACTED, HUSBAND] Date: December 5, 2016 at 12:28:23 PM EST To: Ravi <rakzach@gmail.com> Subject: Re pictures Ravi, this is [REDACTED, HUSBAND] I will cut to the chase. I too am a man as my wife has shared with you. I have forgiven you, my wife, and myself. I am looking for an assurance that the photos that were sent to you by [REDACTED, WIFE] where she was clothed and nude are no longer in your possession and have been destroyed. I believe you would want the same assurance and honesty if I had received intimate pictures of one of your daughters. [REDACTED, THIRD PARTY] told me she had sent a similar request for assurance and not heard back from you. I know you have received and responded to my earlier emails at this address. I await your honest response. [REDACTED, HUSBAND] Sent from my iPhone _____

From: Ravi <rakzach@gmail.com> Date: December 5, 2016 at 5:44:49 PM EST To: [REDACTED, HUSBAND]<[REDACTED]> Subject: Re: Re pictures My dear [REDACTED, HUSBAND] This is Ravi I am in Seoul Korea on the last trip before my Christmas break. I hope you are all well. I am sorry that you had to even ask that. May I assure you both that every picture has been deleted and was done so immediately. That is both my promise and assurance. Never kept a single one of them. I was sure I had stated that. They were destroyed within seconds. That is my deepest assurance to you and _______.[REDACTED, WIFE] Actually I even promptly delete messages both personal and official because I travel so much in case my phone is ever lost or stolen. As I mentioned, I will be giving up the use of a cell phone shattering this one and therefore unlocatable or unusable to self or anyone. One of the reasons I erase at the end of each day is just in case people try to hurt my family with the life threats that the Islamic world makes on me and my family. And as a traveling man, life is always uncertain. The phone will be totally unusable and information irretrievable to anyone. Once again, as for pictures and messages. All were erased and never shared. I double checked each time that they were permanently gone. I commit to you, _____[REDACTED, HUSBAND]. I am sorry that you even had to ask again. It was and is a given. Thank you once again for your heart of Grace and love. I am always in your debt as a gift from God. What happened then will never happen again. A blessed Christmas to you. That song “I am a child of A blessed Christmas to you. That song “I am a child of God” is permanently playing in my mind. And seems to come up on many a program I am part of. With gratitude.

According to Christianity Today (citing Zacharias’ ministry), these texts were made available after the couple used the affair in an attempt to blackmail Zacharias.

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