Gaggle of Lady Preachers Do Immigration Propaganda Video

A gaggle of America’s most prominent lady preachers have¬†joined together to promote a bleeding heart immigration propaganda campaign, most of whom are probably unaware that they’re being used to promote an ideology that runs far deeper than their shallow understanding of the Bible. George Soros – who funds the Evangelical Immigration Table – has been wildly, wildly successful in convincing evangelical Christians that promoting illegal immigration is somehow a Gospel issue. A Trojan Horse of incredible scale and design, billionaire globalists have built an evangelical alliance that includes as major players Russell Moore, The Gospel Coalition, and Jim Wallis-style progressives. Taking captive weak women (2 Timothy 3:6), they’ve convinced these lady preachers to be useful idiots in their campaign to irradicate the unified laws, borders, and language that comprise America.

One would find it doubtful that the women showcased in the video have the slightest understanding of geopolitics, the global implications of mass immigration, the complex issues of cross-cultural migration or the rule of law in American jurisprudence. All these women know is that championing immigration (legal, illegal, or otherwise) is an incredibly popular position today, and by being in such a video they can appear brave when in fact, it’s not brave at all to say wildly popular things.

The video is below.

The women in the video include most of the worst, most-shallow, pop-evangelism Bible teachers, including Beth Moore, theoerotic Ann Voskamp, Kay Warren (wife of Rick Warren), Nikki Toyama-Szeto (executive director of Evangelicals for Social Action) and Christine Caine (founder of the A21 Campaign). Sadly, normally reliable Bible teacher, Joni Eareckson Tada also took part in the video, standing out like a sore thumb among the bevy of Bashan bovine, bringing to mind Sesame Street’s tune, “One of These Things Doesn’t Belong.”

The women read from Matthew 25:31-46, but didn’t explain how this passage fits into the unique situation regarding international migration and American law. It was purely propagandic. While we are certainly to be kind to both neighbor and sojourner, this doesn’t mean that the government should be absolved from its duty to protect the national interest of its Citizens or remove the government’s responsibility to punish law breakers.

Also in the video was Trillia Newbell, the director of community outreach for the SBC’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC). ERLC president, Russell Moore, works on the Soros-funded Evangelical Immigration Table.

Woe to those women who eagerly put themselves into a globalist propaganda video, having absolutely no idea that they’re being used as pawns in a game far greater than their knowledge and understanding to grasp it.

The website also includes a free Bible study download that will further promote the global illegal immigration and social justice agenda, which you can see here.

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