NAR Plots Business Dominion with New Bethel School of Computer Coding

The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) is a hyper-charismatic and Neo-Montanist movement designed to consolidate the evangelical world and conquer the globe under the 7 Mountain Mandate. This mandate, as preached by NAR apostles, is a supposed call from God to take over education, religion, family, business, government (or military), arts (or entertainment) and the media. Although the name “New Apostolic Reformation” (first popularized by NAR granddaddy C. Peter Wagner) has been widely scuttled since its critics have begun to use it, the movement is still very alive and a rose by any other name still smells the same. The NAR is the quickest growing religious movement in the world, and is gobbling up virtually all First and Second Wave charismatic churches and many mainstream evangelical churches. Its chief leaders are Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in Redding California, Mike Bickel of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, and Hillsong Church of Australia and all of its various satellites, the three of which form the Unholy Trinity of false churches. Like the “The Nothing” in the Neverending Story, the NAR is swallowing churches whole and infecting Bible colleges and institutions through the Arian Snare of their popular worship music. The more charismatic an institution or church is, the more quickly they are being engulfed with the radical Dominionism of the NAR movement.

Nestled in Redding, California, Bethel Church is in the epicenter of the California software engineering industry. With thousands of youth leaving their otherwise orthodox churches to join the exciting paranormal and demon-infused activities of Bethel, the church and its school are looking for ways to utilize the students in their army of global conquest. Business is one of the seven mountains they wish to dominate, and so Bethel has now announced a Bethel School of Computer Coding.

No, we’re not making that up. Watch below.

From the “Bethel School of Technology,” the coding program will train students to speak the language of computers and help the machines communicate one to another. It is unknown if the gift of “tongues” will help Bethel students speak computer language or give them an edge with Silicon Valley competition. But according to the CEO of Bethel Tech, the school will help students learn the “languages of Java, Java Script and Ruby.”

Their purpose, according to Bethel, is to make themselves a “tech hub.” You might ask what this has to do with Jesus, and the answer is nothing. It does has something to do with taking dominion, however.


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