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Bethel Missionary, Ben Fitzgerald, Has Tantrum over Tarot Card Correction

Bethel missionary, Ben Fitzgerald, attacking people who think Christian tarot cards are bad.


Ben Fitzgerald is the missionary of Bethel Church in Redding, California. We exposed his parents (or some non-nuclear version thereof) for running the ministry, “Christalignment” which employs New Age and occultic practices in the name of Christianity. Our post about their use of “Christian tarot cards” went slightly viral, with more than ten thousand Facebook shares.

The videos they posted, which we shared, were Canerized (taken down) and Bethel Church’s associate pastor, Kris Vallotton, first rebuked the practice and said it had nothing to do with Bethel. When he discovered that Fitzgerald’s mother, Jen Hodges, is indeed associated with Bethel (as we accurately reported) he then deleted his Facebook rebuke of the practice and then affirmed the practice.

So then, Ben Fitzgerald has decided to go to Facebook to correct us all. The video is below, and our commentary will follow:

Fitzgerald says that the “judgment that is happening is ridiculous and crazy.” According to Fitzgerald, his family is “severely under attack” and he hadn’t realized that judgment was such a problem. Saying that the accusation against his family has “gone around the world” and to “Christian radio stations” (you’re welcome, and you deserve it), he paints his family as victims.

What is interesting is that Fitzgerald doesn’t take any attempt whatsoever at defending the use of Christian tarot cards. He simply calls it “micro-judging.” Fitzgerald also complains about “clickbait” and “professional judges” towards Carl Lentz and others. While Fitzgerald complains that we have judged without having all the information, he doesn’t provide any additional information. That’s because our facts have been accurate.

Fitzgerald claims that his mother has received threats. If that’s the case, we would encourage Fitzgerald to call law enforcement. That’s what I would do if someone was threatening my mother. He also complains that a woman who worked with his mother sent us “private information,” and I can tell you that that woman has been bullied and attacked by the Fitzgerald-Hodge family – not the other way around.

Fitzgerald finishes the clip by recalling a prophetic conversation he had with God (of course he did).

The fact is, the Bible tells us to judge. Here’s a sermon clip about it.

Fitzgerald asks, “Do you really think I would promote someone who practices witchcraft”? Well, you’re a hyper-charismatic. So…yes.


[Contributed by JD Hall]