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American Cardinal Promotes Gun Control in the Wake of Deadly Shooting at Baptist Church

Cardinal Blase Cupich, archbishop of Chicago

When an American politician has enough influence, they affect those (positively or negatively) on the “down ballot” – those lesser politicians whose odds are lessened or heightened by those at the top of the ballot. The Pope’s “down ballot”- those Cardinals, Vatican officials, and priests serving under his Papal command – are growing increasingly globalist, marxist, and leftist. Cardinal Blase Cupich, one of U.S. prelates who has risen to prominence during the Pope Francis’ tenure, used the tragedy at the Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church to call for gun control.

Archbishop of the Communist Republic of Chicago, Cupich issued a statement regarding the tragedy…

We must recognize that the factors that produce these tragedies will not change unless we take direct action to change them.

Comprehensive national gun control policies will not prevent every shooting but it will prevent some.

Access to mental health care — in legislation founded on the principle that health care is a right not a privilege — will not prevent every shooting but it will prevent some and will mean we will have fewer podium speeches about our thoughts and prayers.

Let it be our firm resolve to act and to advocate and to end this hideous blot upon our nation.

Honor the memories of the many thousands of gun violence victims by holding accountable those who could have done something  and did not, who called for study instead of steps toward progress, and who gave those Pope Francis has called merchants of death more regard than the dead children, the dead men and women we mourn today.

The time to demand action is now.

Recently, Cupich argued that Illinois should put the abortion issue behind them and focus on budgetary matters. And now, maybe gun control. You can read his statement on gun control here.