Holding The Rope, The Biblical Role of Pastors & The Expectation To Support Them

This lesson is about the way good pastors are supposed to be supported, honored, respected and financially taken care of.
We look at the Biblical expectations of pastors, and the expectations of most churches, then we compare that with the salary most pastors make to see if we are treating our pastors fairly.

The Average salary of pastors in America is $28,000 per year, and most work an excess of 60 hours per week serving the Church and Congregation they pastor.  I have had several occasion throughout my life where I have seen pastors and ministers of the gospel being shamed for hoping or expecting that they would be taken care of by the means of the congregation.

It is almost as if ministers of the gospel are so reviled in the church that they are the only ones that are viewed as being unworthy of their hire.

This is not necessarily about the financial obligation of the church towards their minister. This is primarily about our attitudes and expectations, and how we esteem our pastors. Not all churches can afford even the average salary, but we all need to recognize their worth, and be willing to gladly serve alongside of them as they care for our souls and the souls of our families.