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Charismatics Gathering for “Holy Spirit Woodstock” this Weekend

Woodstock, NY 1969

The Woodstock Music and Art Fair of 1969 was a cultural phenomenon that involved rock music, marijuana and other psychedelic drugs, promiscuity, and general filthiness. Gathering at a farm in southern New York, four-hundred thousand attendees engaged in a scene of unabashed epicureanism and hedonism the likes of which the United States had never seen. What better name then to give a massive charismatic gathering beginning tomorrow (Friday, October 6) in Washington D.C.?

The “Holy Spirit Woodstock” is the nickname given to the “Awaken the Dawn” event at the National Mall in Washington D.C. David Bradshaw, organizer for the event, says that 57 tents (one representing each state, and a few to spare) will be set up “strategically” in the area because “We want to throw the biggest celebration of Jesus’ worth on this National Mall. Every one of these tents is going to shout to this nation that Jesus is alive and that He’s worthy. He deserves to be celebrated above anyone else.”

According to the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) forces behind the event, this is fulfilled prophecy given to NAR Apostle, Lou Engle and David Bradshaw. Recalling one prophetic word received by him, Bradshaw says, “You’re going to be part of a new Jesus Movement. It’s a Holy Spirit Woodstock.”

Yip. Yip. Yahoo…Woodstock. Is that a good thing?

Tens of thousands of charismatics are expected to attend this lascivious, perverted 21st Century version of the Festival of Booths, brought in by promises of ecstatic worship experiences, building dynamic friendships, and great music (in other words, basically the same thing Woodstock offered, with probably only a slightly higher degree of modesty). Partners for the event can be seen in the graphic below.


Below, IHOP false prophet, Mike Bickel, encourages people to attend the NAR event…