Modern-Day Montanist Look to Hurricane Irma For Prophetic Signs of World War

Yesterday in an article on September 6th, 2017 in CharismaNews authored by Jessilyn Justice it has been suggested that Hurricane Irma may well be a prophetic sign of a coming world war. In this article Justice interviews Zach Drew of TRUNews. According to Mr. Drew, the naming of Hurricane Irma is a clear message of a world war to come in the hidden chaos of the Hurricane. These modern-day Montanist are drawing their conclusion based on the German meaning of the name Irma. In German, Irma is rooted in the old German word irmin, which is the goddess of war. So therefore in modern-day Montanist logic, the use of the name Irma for a hurricane that is very destructive must mean that there is a coming war because somewhere is history the name means war. Besides being theologically ridiculous, it’s also a fallacy of logic. To be precise, it’s a Genetic Fallacy.


If so, don’t you think God would give us clear warning signs of such an event? Maybe, just maybe the hidden message within Irma is telling us something,


Now, before you get too excited about this so-called prophecy and meaning of the naming of Hurricane Irma, let’s remember a few important theological aspects. First, there are NO modern-day prophets that can give us new direct revelations from God. God’s Word is complete, and the Canon of Scripture is closed.( Read here for why the Canon is closed.) Secondly, those who claim that they are “prophets” from God and able to give us new visions, dreams or meanings to the Word of God are nothing but Modern-day Montanist heretics. Most of these “prophets” couldn’t prophesy themselves out of a wet paper bag. These charlatans are not of God and what they claim as “extra biblical revelation” or “prophetic visions” are not of God either. Thirdly, it is important to remember that every generation since Christ’s ascension into heaven has at one time or another believe that they are the last generation or were in the “end times.” While Christ’s return is imminent, the Bible is clear that no one will know the day or the hour of His return. What is clear in the bible about the return of Christ is that as Christians we should not be wasting our time looking for signs, but instead using our time to further the Great Commission.


Articles like the one in CharismaNews serve only to distract and lead people astray from the real purpose of the body of believers, to preach the Gospel to the lost and make disciples in all nations. It is pathetic attempts such as looking for hidden signs in the name of a hurricane by Modern-day Montanist that only go to prove how far away those who hold to this Montanist sub-Christian belief system are from the Scripture and the true living God. Why is it to the Montanist every natural disaster is a sign or punishment from God?  The truth of Scripture is that we live in a sinful, fallen world, and these effects are part of the noetic effect of sin. These events are not signs or punishments from God ask their false teachers and prophets would lead one to believe. If these Montanist had any real power, why are they not stopping the hurricane with prayer instead of looking for hidden secret coded messages in a name?

Richard Haas

Founder of DriveTime Apologetics, Empowered by Christ Ministries and the DriveTime Apologetics Podcast. Author, Writer, Podcaster, Christian Apologetist & Polemist